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Frankie Hobro, marine expert and owner of Anglesey Sea Zoo, told the Daily Post: "We have a residential pod of bottlenose dolphins in Cardigan Bay that are there for most of the year, so these could be a breakout from that pod.
More than half of the North Sea's bottlenose dolphin population can be found in the Moray Firth.
<B Clet - a bottlenose dolphin - pictured off Ramsey Island on July 19 Ffion Rees / Falcon Boats
About 200 bottlenose dolphins call the North Sea home according to a report by Scottish National Heritage released this week.
A large proportion of dolphins (13 per cent of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and 12 per cent of the Indian Ocean humpback dolphins) had cuts and scars on their dorsal fins and/or body, which were derived from propeller strikes or entanglement in fishing gear.
DAGUPAN CITY -- A dead bottlenose dolphin was spared from being cut up to pieces and taken to a fish cemetery here instead.
Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus, hereafter bottlenose dolphins) are known to inhabit both pelagic waters and coastal regions, including bays and tidal creeks (Leatherwood et al.
Mathew added: "I was part of the group that did the first-ever photo identification of bottlenose dolphins in Liverpool Bay.
A group of bottlenose dolphins worked up quite an appetite hunting in Scotland's Moray Firth.
As someone who has spent a lot of time in the coastal waters of Florida, in the United States, I've always enjoyed seeing bottlenose dolphins up close in the wild.
Dead bottlenose dolphins were also washed ashore near Bahrain Fort in Karranah and Juffair in November.
SAUCY bottlenose dolphins have been spotted getting up to no good in Welsh waters.