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Based on this study: 1) the presence of a rich and diverse cetacean fauna in the study area, that includes several threatened and endangered species, 2) the year-round and regular occurrence of three dolphin species, including the bottlenose dolphins frequenting coastal waters, 3) the use of this areas as foraging grounds by several cetaceans species, are all clear indications of the importance of these habitats for the local cetacean community.
She revealed that ORCA had recorded a number of recent sightings of bottlenose dolphins off the North East coast in the last fortnight which they are tracking.
Bottlenose dolphins have a large presence in the area throughout the year, but the chances of seeing them increase when their food supply appears.
She spoke to the GDN after the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) found the carcasses of a seal, a baby bottlenose dolphin and a sea turtle during a site visit near the northern coast of Bahrain last week.
The survey results also revealed a distinct regional difference in species composition with the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin being dominant around EAD's Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve, while bottlenose dolphins were dominant from Al Dhabbaiya to Ras Ghanadah and between Al Sila and Sir Bani Yas Island.
Researchers from Sea Watch Foundation have been seeing all sorts of naughty antics amongst the bottlenose dolphin community in Cardigan Bay.
Three bottlenose dolphins appear to be attacking a harbour porpoise in Cardigan Bay last week
By filming bottlenose dolphins swimming through a curtain of tiny air bubbles, Frank Fish of West Chester University in Pennsylvania and colleagues used the frame-to-frame shifts in bubble position to work out how much thrust the dolphins produced.
Since the first morbillivirus outbreak affecting bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) along the mid-Atlantic Coast of the United States during the late 1980s (1), some mass die-off episodes affecting the global cetacean population have occurred (2-5).
As a coastal species, bottlenose dolphins are the most threatened by habitat degradation and loss.
Author of the study, Jason Bruck of University of Chicago's Institute for Mind and Biology, had conducted the research on the complex relationship patterns between 56 captive bottlenose dolphins for more than two decades.
The so-called Howell torpedo was discovered by bottlenose dolphins being trained by the Navy to find undersea objects, including mines, that not even billion-dollar technology can detect.
Bottlenose dolphins were seen off New Quay pier in West Wales last Friday - followed later by other bottlenose dolphin sightings and harbour porpoise sightings in New Quay and off Porthgain Beacon.
It is worth mentioning that among the goals of this tour is to promote sea tourism in Muscat, highlighting tourist locations and the characteristics of the Sultanate which is the home of a huge and varied sea life as its sea extending from Masandum to Dhofar more than 20 types of whales and dolphins, like humpback whale, Spinner Dolphin, Finless Porpoise and Bottlenose Dolphins.
Washington, March 28 ( ANI ): An unprecedented open society of bottlenose dolphins that have an extremely complex, free and open lifestyle has just been identified in Western Australia.