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an opener for removing caps or corks from bottles

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The keeper handed the bottle-opener to Norwegian referee Espen Berntsen, who stopped the game to hand it to the fourth official.
HOW: Transform a dull appliance into a party fridge with this classic Coca-Cola bottle-opener. It has a flat surface magnet that clings to the side or front of the fridge and stays in place.
Today our Mystery Prizes include a pounds 750 cheque, a pounds 50 cheque and a barrel bottle-opener.
The H20 series has a durable tarpaulin outer shell, aluminum side buckles that double as bottle-openers, a versatile series of tie-down points, and a water-resistant, rubber-coated YKK No.
The so-called "Peace Bronze" is cast into necklaces, bracelets, earrings--and even "Beers Not Bombs" bottle-openers. The company pledges to donate 20% of its profits to peace and social justice organizations.
Close to 70% of that comes from purchases made in its wine shops, like wine and gifts such as fancy bottle-openers and glasses.