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northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead

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The fish took a Gold-bodied Willie Gunn tied bottle-nose style with a long tail.
There were three recordings of bottle-nose dolphin, with a pod of 15 seen bow riding a visitors'' boat.
According to locals, the bottle-nose dolphins have been acting like a bunch of kids, diving in and out of the water.
The ZSL veterinary scientists found the northern bottle-nose whale was a juvenile female which was probably less than 11 years old, sexually immature, measured 5.85 metres (19ft) in length and weighed several tons.
# Next week - I fulfil my dream of swimming with dolphins, but get in an argument with a bottle-nose.
Last week we revealed that the number of bottle-nose dolphins in the North Sea is down to 130 - and could soon vanish altogether.
However, whilst checking on the entry for our Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, Gwbert-on-Sea - where visitors come to view grey seals and bottle-nose dolphins in the wild, as well as feed various farm animals amidst superb scenery - I noticed two errors.
Desperate for her usual diet of deepwater squid, the northern bottle-nose tried to head west back to the Atlantic but went into the Thames estuary instead.
A third of the bottle-nose dolphins swimming off Israel's Mediterranean coast are too thin, apparently due to a lack of food from overfishing.
It shows a 12-foot bottle-nose turning KILLER as it rams a porpoise to send it flying through the air.