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an opener for removing caps or corks from bottles

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Oklahoma City, OK, December 19, 2018 --( The creatively named Unicork, the novelty unicorn bottle opener and corkscrew, has launched in time for Christmas 2018 by its creator Kirk McGinnis and his company Digital Airships LLC.
Bottle openers, for most of us, tend to be taken for granted until those times when we don't have one.
"Some of the biggest names in music are going to have a bottle opener we made right here at [Pittsburgh Stater The investment cast bottle openers feature PSU's gorilla logo on one side and the Grammy Awards' logo on the other.
(Pictured at left, keychain size bottle openers embossed with Founders Brewing Co.
Incidentally, the pounds 5,928.88 of bottle openers sported Tory logos and were, I'm told, handed out to promote the party.
So what is the first logical step in designing a wine bottle opener? Well, in our case it was to get a bottle of wine and see how much force was needed to pull the cork out (and subsequently the drinking of the wine).
FANS at a Liverpool concert were shocked to be given bottle openers with two-inch blades as a gift.
There will be a ``breweriana" stall, selling an array of beer-related paraphernalia, such as bottle openers, beermats, glasses, bar towels and T-shirts.
QDO you know where I can get one of those bottle openers that collects the bottle tops?
Also included are table tents, key chain bottle openers and coasters.
They showed me a hat made from plastic bags and small things like keyrings, bottle openers, bags, necklaces and bracelets.
In barware, spotlighted at the show, accessory items such as bar knives, jiggers and bottle openers are packaged in attractive presentation boxes, ready to be given as gifts.
With 18 features, including screwdrivers, bottle openers, serrated knife blade, pliers, scissors and a carbide coated sharpener, it makes a Swiss Army Knife seem about as useful as a blunt stick.