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northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead

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Bottle nose dolphins were only seen occasionally, even though nearby Cardigan Bay is thought to have a population of over 200
One of the first tasks the group has set itself is to find out what happens to bottle nose dolphins in the winter.
Calculating the flippers' efficiencies, the team found that the bottle nose dolphin's triangular flippers are the most efficient while the harbour porpoise and Atlantic white-sided dolphin's fins were the least efficient.
The unnamed wholphin is one-quarter false killer whale and three-quarter Atlantic bottle nose dolphin.
PORPOISES are being rammed to death by bottle nose dolphins in a battle for survival and food along the coast of Wales.
Initial reports said 72 pilot whales and 30 bottle nose dolphins died after beaching themselves at Sea Elephant Bay.
Sgt Andrew Garrett watches K- Dog, a bottle nose dolphin attached to Commander Task Unit 55.4.3,leap out of the water while training near the USS Gunston Hall in the Persian Gulf