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a cap that seals a bottle

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In the video, Kohli can be seen trying the Bottle Cap Challenge and Shastri's voice can be heard in the background.
A lot of celebrities joined the Bottle Cap challenge including John Mayer whom was challenged by current UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway.
Film maker Caleb Natale took the challenge a step further and not only managed to twist the bottle cap off of one bottle, he caught it with another.
Her GCap a bottle cap that makes almost any beverage bottle spill-proof is sold in 180 stores across the U.S.
He uses the famous Heimlich maneuver to help the student spit out bottle cap.
Tape the bottle cap to the launcher about 1 centimeter from the raised end.
Forget using your T-shirt to twist off a bottle cap. Instead, go with with BottlePops, the sports-themed bottle openers that make fun sounds when you use them--simply place over the bottle cap and pull; a magnet captures the bottle cap as you lift.
The firm has recalled the products as the bottle cap can be cracked open by children who can gain unintended access to the capsules that are used for oral chemotherapy.
"Bottle Cap Boys Dancing on Royal Street" is a vibrant tribute to the talent of hungry young street artists in New Orleans, who jam bottle caps into their tennis shoe soles and perform energetic, rhythmic street tap dances that are filled with joy.
He told his doctor that he had swallowed a bottle cap in anger, after a fight with his wife.
He also co-founded Ecocap, a company which has patented a new bottle cap designed to help increase the recycling of plastic caps.
Attorney William "Bud" Fitzgerald have said govern ment evidence against Crawford includes traces of his DNA on a bottle cap that allegedly fits a Fanta bottle used to start the fire, as well as on a flashlight found at the fire scene.
The promotion is being marketed with colorful Newcastle bottle cap stools and eye-catching pint glass standees designed to draw shoppers to the Newcastle display, where they can learn the details of the pro-gram's promotional offer.
So yeah, Canadian Club has a cloying sweetness that I could do without, but dudes I am drinking whisky out of a bottle cap at 3PM on a Tuesday.