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a cap that seals a bottle

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Tape the bottle cap to the launcher about 1 centimeter from the raised end.
A statement on Sistema's website said: "Recently a number of our customers have advised us that they are having difficulty cleaning our Twist 'n' Sip drink bottle caps.
Her dress featured dozens of metal bottle caps on the bust, with a skirt fashioned from cardboard beer coasters.
But when surgeons operated they found gold bars weighing nearly 400 g in his stomach instead of a bottle cap.
A few homes and offices in Dubai have started collecting plastic bottle caps to be sent to the Seur Foundation in Spain.
Crawford's attorney, Bryan Lessley, has challenged the admissibility of the bottle cap as evidence, saying investigators can't document that the cap came from the fire scene.
One point is awarded for every bottle cap that sticks to the magnet.
The promotion is being marketed with colorful Newcastle bottle cap stools and eye-catching pint glass standees designed to draw shoppers to the Newcastle display, where they can learn the details of the pro-gram's promotional offer.
So yeah, Canadian Club has a cloying sweetness that I could do without, but dudes I am drinking whisky out of a bottle cap at 3PM on a Tuesday.
Rieke Packaging Systems has designed a unique bottle cap threading "outsert" for a new aluminum soft drink beverage bottle.
Indispensable[TM] Bottle Cap Remover -- Designed to be used with any twist-off or standard cap-type beverage, the Indispensable[TM] Bottle Cap Remover is a smooth and easy way to remove the cap from any beverage bottle.
A new device, the SafeFlo bottle cap, easily clicks on to any drink bottle to protect the drinker.
You Will Need: 4 drops lemon juice 4 drops onion juice A pinch of sugar Toothpick Bottle cap White paper Directions: 1.
Abstract: A molded baby bottle cap of a soft rubber and a molded water bottle cap of a hard plastic, the baby bottle cap providing an annular portion extending axially within the baby bottle cap.
The red ball, branded by official Euro 2004 partners Coca- Cola, is sutiable for all weathers and people will be able to tell instantly by looking under the ring pull or bottle cap if they are a winner.