hydrogen peroxide

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a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties

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Bottle Blonde Studio ships across the world daily and has a large number of customers in the US and Australia.
Comedy thriller, starring Demi * LOOKING like Nico without the bottle blonde and sounding smokily somewhere between Carole King and Cat Power, New York's Ms Tucek is currently the name to drop.
Immigration and Naturalization Service caught up with her and moved to depart her back to Iran, bottle blonde hair, curvaceous body and all.
Donna Didesch, a busty, middle-aged bottle blonde, rather loses her head over the alleged career prospects of Jimmy Potter, a three-time divorcee and aspiring "tribute artist." "He just oozes Elvis," she says.
Her best friend was another deceptively quick-witted bottle blonde, Marilyn Monroe.
But I suppose from a bottle blonde like me that's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.
The Berlin Files concerns a bottle blonde and an apartment that isn't empty and a boy in a sequined jacket and a light that won't turn on; that is, a tale of youthful anomie and Rock 'n' Roll Suicide.
Those given pictures of the bottle blonde rated her as significantly less intelligent than those looking at the same women in three other wigs.
Chloe Hollingsworth, who graduated from the same course in 2013, also won first runner up in the independent designer group with her clothing brand, Bottle Blonde.
SHE went bottle blonde for her forthcoming role in the Bobby Moore drama, Tina and Bobby but last week Michelle Keegan was promoting new TV show, Our Girl and her hair was back to beautiful bouncy brunette.
The twist-up pencil is very fine so it's easy to fill in the gaps between the brow hairs, and the colour is perfect for me, a bottle blonde with natural eyebrows!
GORGEOUS Abbey Clancy threw off her old bottle blonde WAG look and unveiled a sophisticated new brunette barnet yesterday.
ANNE-TASTIC J Bottle blonde Hathaway in vintage Valentino
Played superbly by the wonderful veteran Sue Johnston, she's all fake tan, bottle blonde hair with the whiff of eau de gin and tonic about her.