hydrogen peroxide

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a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties

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The Berlin Files concerns a bottle blonde and an apartment that isn't empty and a boy in a sequined jacket and a light that won't turn on; that is, a tale of youthful anomie and Rock 'n' Roll Suicide.
Those given pictures of the bottle blonde rated her as significantly less intelligent than those looking at the same women in three other wigs.
The twist-up pencil is very fine so it's easy to fill in the gaps between the brow hairs, and the colour is perfect for me, a bottle blonde with natural eyebrows
ANNE-TASTIC J Bottle blonde Hathaway in vintage Valentino
Played superbly by the wonderful veteran Sue Johnston, she's all fake tan, bottle blonde hair with the whiff of eau de gin and tonic about her.
So, the "down-dye" may be hip and happening, but I can't see myself or many of my bottle blonde sisters genuinely giving it a go.
The bru nette turned a bashful bottle blonde is painfully coy, still waiting for that knight in shining armour to sweep her off her feet.
Angelic Angelina ditched her glam Lara Croft looks to play a bottle blonde drug dealer Gloria in the gritty drama.
They don't want me; I'm old and gray,'' said Silverman, who happens to be a bottle blonde who works out at the gym and looks a trim 75.
They don't like her pinched face, her mordant scowl, her bottle blonde hair.
One nearby table to ours featured a bottle blonde on a first-ish date - judging by the foghorn 'this is me' voice - and on another two old girls trying to enjoy a quiet chat.
First of all they look endearingly ridiculous, from Morris' huge bottle blonde bouffant to guitarist Rostas Fez, who looks as if he was rejected by The Young Knives for being too athletic to be genuinely twee.
The bottle blonde Mean Girls actress picks up the honour at the Capri Film Festival's opening gala tonight.
I'm very much a blonde man but I am so anti bottle blonde you wouldn't believe it.
This bottle blonde lovely hired a taxi to take her and a friend from the Northamptonshire family seat to watch Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge in west London.