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Synonyms for bottom

Synonyms for bottom

a side or surface that is below or under

a very low level, position, or degree

a point of origin from which ideas or influences, for example, originate

the part of one's back on which one rests in sitting

opposite to or farthest from the top

Synonyms for bottom

the lower side of anything

the lowest part of anything

the second half of an inning

low-lying alluvial land near a river


Related Words

provide with a bottom or a seat

strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom

come to understand

Related Words

situated at the bottom or lowest position


the lowest rank

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For the past four years at Motorola, Bottie has led a division of Motorola in the North America Enterprise and Canadian markets, directing all sales, field engineering and system integration personnel.
I think the only problem we had in 1947 was a shortage of coal, hence the introduction of sea coal, which I can recall using my sledge like many others to gratefully secure from Botties on West Street.
A new range of three drinks in larger 750ml botties has also been intro duced.
No evidence of teaching 4 PP Polyprcpytene Stabilizers used in polypropylene are biologically active (potentially affecting nerve transmission) and tend to leach from thePlastic 5 PS Polystyerenethink Is a mutagen, convent store (carcinogenic or coffee cup and cancer causing picnic plates effects) neurotoxic, cytogenetic (chromosomal and lymphatic abnormalities) 6 OTHER or O Other plastics, Polycarbonate including acrylic, (Lexan) is used acryionitrile extensively in polycarbonate food-contact utensils including baby botties,sports water bottles food containers, and tablewar its basic monomers is Bisphenol A (BPA) ongtrativ lymtwsifed tor die originally synthesized in the 1930*$ as an estrogen for pharmacological use Some like PLA have no BPA and are considered safe
After ripping out the burglar alarm, they wrecked and stole money from a cigarette machine, a one-arm bandit," and a telephone coin-box and took botties of spirits from the bar.
They shared a villa while having their faces, thighs, boobs or botties done.
Fill two quart-size plastic botties with water, weight them with pebbles, and place both in a standard toilet tank.
There was a shortage of coal and many people (including me) carted cheaper sea coal back home from Botties at the top of Grahamsley Street in freezing conditions after queuing for ages.
The range--Wine for 2 --comprises premium new variants in 5ocl glass botties, with rsps from 3.
But sadly, you won't get to see Huw's pics or find out who's potty about botties - the pages have mysteriously disappeared.
The second season of the stunning new 3D-CGI animated series CUBIX will introduce new robots and adventures as Connor, Cubix and the gang team up to be the best Botties in Bubble Town - and to take on a new mission: to stop the evil Dr.
ONE DIRECTION have revealed the bonkers lengths their fans go to squeeze their botties.