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a landlocked republic in south-central Africa that became independent from British control in the 1960s

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According to a survey conducted by Elephants Without Borders, an NGO, there are some 130,000 elephants in the country, but the Botswanan govern- ment claims the figure could be as high as 230,000.
In an effort to combat illegal hunting, the Botswanan government of Ian Khama had previously formed anti-poaching teams, trained to vigorously protect the nature reserves where the elephants are concen- trated.
The British armed Botswanans to protect against the Germans to the west and the Boers to the south (Parson 1984: 22), but beyond this defense spending, the British did not engage in any kind of nation-building project in Bechuanaland.
The result was massive emigration into South Africa where Botswanans were guaranteed employment in Britain's colonial mining operations.
Many of the Botswanans had little or no formal exposure to modern equipment and were clearly fascinated by the presentation.
The ranch is owned by American's Eric and Oksana' Sparks, a couple with a novel approach to, the traditional Botswanan hunting operation.
Botswanans currently rely on South African LPG for domestic cooking.
Many African governments have laid out such ambitious plans over the past 45 years and have failed, while this is a testing target indeed given that only 22% of Botswanans had access to electricity as recently as 2002.