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a landlocked republic in south-central Africa that became independent from British control in the 1960s

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The economics of these will be shaped as much by power tariffs in bordering South Africa as on the terms of investment from Gaborone, as the associated power plants are likely to supply far more South African consumers than they are Botswanan consumers.
In an effort to combat illegal hunting, the Botswanan government of Ian Khama had previously formed anti-poaching teams, trained to vigorously protect the nature reserves where the elephants are concen- trated.
Global Banking News-June 5, 2018--Barclays says Botswanan brand change will be smooth
However, the Kenyan soon regained his balance and despite conceding several metres to Nijel Amos, he steadily reeled in the Botswanan down the home straight to take victory close home in 1:45.16.
Amos Nachoum, of Big Animals, said, "This is for people who want the ultimate experience but who are also experienced divers." Before the dive, tourists have to sign a document waiving the Botswanan government and Big Animals of responsibility should anything go wrong.
Discussions are well underway with the Botswanan and Namibian Governments and FAs, all of whom are fully supportive of the project.
Last year a Botswanan and a couple of Russians were caught drink driving, a Libyan peddling drugs, and the South Sudan Embassy skipped [pounds sterling]83,000 in parking fines.
Consequently, most African nationalities are still ranked in the second half of all participating states as nationalities of only Medium Quality: The Cape Verdean nationality ranked 86 in the QNI General Ranking, followed by South African (87), Ghanaian (89), Botswanan (91), and Gambian (94) nationalities.
But yesterday afternoon World Championship bosses, widely criticised for their treatment of the Botswanan star, decided to give him a break.
Video footage on Tuesday night showed Makwala was prevented from entering the warm-up track and Botswanan officials criticised the IAAF for their heavy-handedness and lack of communication over cases of norovirus, which have struck at the championships.
Video footage showed Makwala was prevented from entering the warm-up track and Botswanan officials criticised the IAAF for their heavyhandedness.
The two plays in We Are All Blue by Botswanan American writer-performer Donald Molosi both began life as monodramas.
Peek Vision is now looking to the next phase of its school eye examination trials, with the app set to screen 300,000 students in Kenya before being put to the test in Indian and Botswanan schools.
In 2014, RBZ authorised use of the US, British, South African, Botswanan, Australian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Euro zone currencies after its own currency, the Zimbabwe Dollar, failed on the back of extreme inflation.
She's one of her country's top scholars and was awarded a prestigious scholarship by the Botswanan government, which allowed her to study anywhere in the world.