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the basic unit of money in Botswana

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The bonds would be priced in the likes of South Africa rand, Botswana pula, Nigerian naira, Ugandan shilling or Zambian kwacha rather than the U.S.
Between 2000 and 2004, the African currencies that gained most against the US dollar were the CFA franc (+37%), South African rand (+26%), Botswana pula (19%), Moroccan dirham (+19%) and Algerian dinar (+13%).
The steepest falls were recorded by the Algerian dinar (-29%), Botswana pula (-19.4%) and the South Africa's rand (-19.2%).
The Angolan kwanza suffered a whopping 91% depreciation; the South African rand a 40% fall; Mozambique's metical lost 33% and the Botswana pula 31%.
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