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ATHERINOPSIDAE Atherinops affinis BLENNIIDAE Hypsoblennius gentilis Hypsoblennius gilberti Hypsoblennius jenkinsi BOTHIDAE Paralichthys californicus CARCHARHINDAE Mustelus californicus COTTIDAE Artedius spp.
Some left-eyed flatfishes are in the family Bothidae or the family Paralichthyidae, which includes many commercially important species of flounder, such as the southern flounder.
45 Sphyraenidae Sphyraeaa barracuda -- -- -- Bothidae Cyclopsetta fimbriata -- -- -- Undetermined -- -- 0.
Unidentified searobin Bothidae, Lefteye flounders 150 Bothus lunatus Peacock flounder 151 N.
Field guide to the flatfisbes of the family Bothidae in the western North Atlantic, 47 p.