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the branch of biology that studies plants

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I am not botanist enough to say whether the change here is owing to the introduction of new species, to the altered growth of the same, or to a difference in their proportional numbers.
When they saw the worthy botanist coming back heavy laden with his specimens, and treasuring them up as carefully as a miser would his hoard, they used to make merry among themselves at his expense, regarding him as some whimsical kind of madman.
This vine--of a species which no botanist has ever been able to name--has an important part in the story of the house.
Like a biologist or a botanist, and with much more deliberate effort than most of her fellow-craftsmen, she traces and scrutinizes all the acts and motives of her characters until she reaches and reveals their absolute inmost truth.
What the botanist tells us after a number of imperfect lectures, the flower proclaimed in a minute.
MacDonald made an occasional note; while Holmes sat absorbed, with the expression of surprised and reverent admiration with which the botanist surveys the rare and precious bloom.
By 2099, it's possible that the average summer temperature in the region could have risen by as much as 7A C, says botanist Dr Sabina Knees By Fran Gillespie do At last, I know what botanists actually
The Bank of Canada has emblazoned its new plastic banknotes with the wrong type of maple leaf, according to botanists.
Washington, Mar 21 ( ANI ): Indian botanists have discovered a new species of pipewort in the foot hills of the Western Ghats, India.
The genus name Plumeria was given by fellow botanists Joseph Pitton de Tournefort and Carl von Linne, who wanted to honour a colleague they highly respected.
Small cactuses (also called "cacti") throughout the region are disappearing before botanists have a chance to learn even the most basic information about them.
British botanists have recently re-discovered the world's largest carnivorous venus fly trap plants in South East Asia.
But it also serves to highlight the important role played by Welsh botanists and plant explorers during the early days of orchid collecting.
The fern families and their genera are treated by various well-known Japanese fern botanists.
Now botanists are helping to stem the decline by harvesting juniper cuttings from a Site of Special Scientific Interest near Prestatyn, home to around 20 old juniper bushes.