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a facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition


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This picturesque site, which sits next to the newly-renamed Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden, will return 34 hectares of open space to the community.
Botanic gardens across the world contain at least 30% of all known plant species, and 41% of those classed as threatened with extinction, the research published in the journal Nature Plants found.
Since the first botanic gardens were created, more than 400 years ago, the communication strategies aimed at their publics have experienced great changes throughout time.
She also traced the contribution made by botanic gardens, the plant hunters and collectors of South West Asia, and flora writers over the centuries to the knowledge and understanding of those plants.
Glasnevin and a group of Irish botanic Gardens are fully funded by the Irish Government.
With interest from Kirkley Hall College in Northumberland, they envisaged keeping the botanic garden intact and opening it up more to the public and for educational purposes.
Khan Dean Faculty of Science & Technology & Director, Sustainable Development Study Centre, said that the noble mission of conversation and sustainable use of Pakistan's unique environmental, biological and cultural heritage was meant to cultivate links with botanic gardens.
A MURAL painted by a Vale of Glamorgan teenager has been unveiled at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.
At the S0-hectare mountainside Benmore Botanic Garden in Argyll and Bute, the relatively warm, wet climate of western Scotland mimics the growing conditions in southern Chile's temperate rainforest.
MUSCAT: The Oman Botanic Garden team celebrated for planting the first 'habitat' display at the conservation-oriented project.
Four of that nursery's staff were already in Singapore working on the project with the Singapore Botanic Gardens staff.
Botanic Gardens, Sweden) and Henrik Zetterlund (Gothenburg Botanic Garden,Sweden) co-authored Corydalis; a Gardener's Guide and a Monograph of the Tuberous Species.
But, in what is an archetypal story of the city, could this be the moment that sparks the phoenixlike rise of the fourth - yes, fourth - botanic gardens in 245 years?
A WOMAN has died and another is seriously ill after they ate mushrooms picked on a trip to botanic gardens.
What's wrong with simply "keeping the Botanic Gardens the Botanic Gardens".