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the battle that ended the Wars of the Roses (1485)

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"He was more than a big deal," Wayne Bosworth said.
World record holder Bosworth, 28, braved the February chill joined hundreds of runners ahead of taking part in the SPAR British Athletics Indoor Championships on Saturday and Sunday at Arena Birmingham.
We are aware of 67 reported cases of Bosworth fracture-dislocations in the literature [2,4].
Caption: Susan Bosworth, MSN, RN-BC, FNP TNA District 3
Bosworth will now be overseeing Building 8 and Oculus, as reported by ( Business Insider.
But Bosworth (left), who broke the mile world record last month, claims to have the form to go much better than on his sixth place at the Rio Olympics.
Charlie Dunn, from Tamworth, was found in a pool at Bosworth Water Park, Market Bosworth, on Saturday afternoon.
An enduring friend of the Filipino people and our democratic way of life, was how President Benigno Aquino III described former United States Ambassador Stephen Bosworth, who passed away on January 3.
economy has "largely recovered" from the financial crisis, and the unemployment rate is down to 5%, admits economist Barry Bosworth of the Brookings Institute.
Editors Bosworth and Kawai present readers with a collection of academic essays and articles that examine the contemporary issues facing policymakers in the Asia and Pacific region based on shifting of underlying economic patterns of saving and investment following the global financial crisis of 2008.
DESCENDANTS of some 20 families who fought at the Battle of Bosworth, that ended the reign of Richard III, have met for the rst time.
Among participants in the meeting were Stephen Bosworth, a former top U.S.