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Scottish author noted for his biography of Samuel Johnson (1740-1795)

a devoted admirer and recorder of another's words and deeds

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Johnson and woman preachers and not enough of his support of Fanny Burney.' Like many of the teachers here she attempts to define Johnson's attitude by applying `rules of evidence', and setting her findings against the Boswellian image which many students will bring to an eighteenth-century course.
But there was none; the Boswellian version of Alsop will have to be patchwork effort by his friends." Now Yoder, himself a syndicated columnist, a professor at Washington and Lee University - and a friend of Alsop during the columnist's retirement years - has written a book that, while not Boswellian by any means, gives readers an insightful look at Alsop and the era in which he held sway.
His concept of creating the Colony must have its model in documentary filmmaking, and may embody Boswellian lessons in Schiller's unstoppable commitment to this project.
I think of Irving Sandler's informative A Sweeper-Up After Artists (Thames & Hudson, 2003), where the avuncular emeritus professor serves up fifty years' worth of Boswellian tales about the Johnsons of the New York scene--Jackson, Franz, Bill, Jasper, Bob, Roy, et al., with some garnishes of Lee, Helen, Joan, and Grace.
As a biographer himself (of one of his other subjects, Styron), West takes a very Boswellian view of the biographer's, and thus the editor's, art.
Harmon had been close to O'Faolain for many years, and critics have complained that rather than being a "warts and all" presentation there was a distinctly "Boswellian" ring to Harmon's work.
It has to be kept in mind that his statement is preserved in a Boswellian miscellany for the Spring of 1768, unlike the precise context of his conversation with Goldsmith provided for his second discussion of migration.
As one might expect in 1991, the focus in this volume of essays is less on Boswell's personality than on the nature of the Boswellian text, on issues of representation, on the textual construction of Johnson, on Boswell's construction of himself and his world.
Johnson might have been equally surprised to hear his work described as Boswellian (OED adj.