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Synonyms for boatswain

a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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My chance finally came when the rain stopped and, under the command of the bosun's mate Ally McCutcheon, I swung myself up on to the ropes and began climbing.
The Edward Carter's bosun's mate used a forklift to move a nearby gangplank to link the pier and the engine room opening.
He shipped out as an ordinary seaman, worked his way up to an able seaman, then completed studies at New London, Conn., to become a chief bosun's mate.
Brian's wealthy father so disapproved of the young American bosun's mate marrying a Scottish girl that he cut him out of his will.
"It felt like it," said the jockey, who completed an 18-1 double with 7- 4 favourite Bosun's Mate later in the afternoon.
Colleague Sarah told the hearing in Devonport, Plymouth, how she was acting as bosun's mate while Bellingham was on the bridge during sea trials.
He offered to show a Wren bosun's mate his manhood if she showed him her tattoos, and made I so many saucy remarks to a third on the ship's intercom during an anti-submarine exercise that he was told off by more senior officers.
He served four years in the Navy and was a bosun's mate on the USS Oriskany.
"It's a fast-paced school, and there's no room for mistakes," said Chief Bosun's Mate Charlie Salles, who drives the boats on interdiction missions and trains other crewmembers on how to handle the powerful craft.