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a native or resident of Boston

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O'Learys was founded by Jonas Reinholdsson, a Swedish restaurateur, inspired by the Bostonian restaurants where people came to watch games and to share the passion of sports.
He was responsible for the publication of Cerulli's annual Retirement Markets and Retirement Investor reports, and was the lead author of 'State of Large and Mega Defined Contribution Plans' and 'State of DCIO.' Prior to joining Cerulli, Chisholm was an Investment Consultant at The Bostonian Group, working on investment due diligence and advising defined contribution plan sponsors on investment selection, and was in the investor services group at BlackRock.
In what was an interesting, insightful - even intelligent lecture, the Bostonian illuminated a striking comparison between his home town and adopted city.
NEWMARKET 5.35 Sureness 6.1S 0 Tanzeel 6.40 Nezar 7.10 Ever Fortune 7.40 Bostonian 8.10 Semeen 8.45 Patently.
NEWMARKET: 5.35 Sureness, 6.10 Tanzeel, 6.40 Nezar, 7.10 Ever Fortune, 7.40 Bostonian, 8.10 Semeen, 8.45 Patently.
A busy Bostonian, I am normally content to read Moment, think about it, maybe pass it along to my mother.
With all their new signings and the club resurgent under Kenny Dalglish and its new Bostonian owners?
It will become part of MMAa[euro](tm)s Bostonian Group which acquired the Boston office of Kinloch Holdings Inc's employee benefits unit this February.
Van Damme, director of the public history department for the Bostonian Society--Old State House.
IN a nation where a Bostonian speaks a different language to a Kentuckian and a Bronxite understands neither of them, I find it hard to believe that Cheryl Cole's Geordie accent had anything to do with her expulsion from the US X Factor.
"History offers any number of poignant unlikely conjunctions of person and place" but perhaps none more odd and significant than that of the Viennese-Jewish atheist founder of psychoanalysis and his host in the Adirondacks an eminent blue-blood Bostonian neurologist.
The memory of Filene, a Bostonian who died in 1937, an entrepreneur and a social activist who is considered the founding spirit of American credit unions, was prevalent throughout the conference.
Channelling the ghosts of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding straight into the west end of Glasgow, the 24-year-old Bostonian was every inch the showman as he wailed through a sensational, horn-infused, 70-minute performance.
A Bostonian who exhibited an early interest in the arts, Weiss was also a veteran of WWII and taught Japanese to American soldiers as part of the ASTP program.