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small pug-faced American terrier breed having a smooth brindle or black coat with white markings


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Last year they had three nine-month-old Boston Terrier pups stolen from their home in West Derby.
Anyone with information about the stolen Boston Terrier - who is black and white - is urged to contact West Midlands Police on 0845 113 5000.
I know a woman of fairly advanced years who, over the past five decades, has owned four different Boston Terriers, each with the same name, Skippy.
Last month, two Boston terriers fell victim in Encino despite a 6-foot-tall protective fence.
Watch animated images of Boston Terriers perform songs in concert.
Poodles, Boston Terriers, Dachshunds, and Boxers have the highest incidence of the disease.
The organization's purpose is to rescue brachycephalic dogs -- mostly French bulldogs, Boston terriers, pugs and English bulldogs -- from shelters and owners who can no longer keep them, and place them into loving homes.
A main focus of the article was that the puppies were worth pounds 30,000, which is very misleading and not applicable to most Boston Terriers.
She bikes daily to keep her high-energy charges fit, from rat terriers to Rhodesian Ridgebacks to labs, golden retrievers and Boston terriers.
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