Boston terrier

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small pug-faced American terrier breed having a smooth brindle or black coat with white markings


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It can be inherited (as in the Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, and Dachshund), or it can be an age-related change.
? North Eastern Boston Terrier Rescue in 5th place, raising $27,725 and receiving a $3,500 cash grant
Los Angeles artist Lili Chin's 12-year-old Boston terrier, Boogie, is the muse and model for her business, Doggie Drawings, which specializes in pet portraits, dog art and infographics on dog behavior and training.
Paddy Five month-old Boston Terrier owned by Tricia Allan, Sauchenford
As the dogged reporter Zoe Barnes in House of Cards , she slept with the House majority whip, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), who pushed her in front of a train once he was tagged for the vice presidency.C This summer, she'll play a 1980s New Jersey housewife whose husband works for the Trump organisation in FX's Pose , which is shooting in New York.C As a snowstorm approached, Mara, 35 -- chatty in bare feet in the Manhattan apartment where she is living temporarily with her husband, Jamie Bell, and her elderly Boston terrier, Bruno -- discussed her harrowing scenes as Kopechne and the sexual assault allegations against Spacey.
It was eight years ago, and my son and I had only the week before flown home to New York from Mexico with our two-month old Boston terrier Leo.
JUNCTION CITY - Saturday's traffic downtown included a goat dressed like a bumblebee, a Rottweiler in jean shorts and Boston terrier butterflies.
Last summer, 19 years after stepping off the train at Boston University's West Campus, I packed my bags and moved to New York City with my fiance, Chris, and the cutest Boston terrier, Jack.
Last year, the fashion industry legend visited the shop with his Boston terrier, Ru.
Cherry eye occurs more frequently in Beagle, American Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Poodle and brachycephalic dogs (Moore, 1998).
My 2-year-old Boston Terrier comforts a newborn baby goat in front of the woodstove.
Gavin, who owns a Boston terrier called Mike, is inviting owners to submit their dog's details to Puppy's Family and he'll then track down others from their brood.
In fact, it was made worth every second of it even before the film began -- a bonus prelude titled Feast about a Boston terrier named Winston told in stark monochromatic and flat features but rich in wit and warmth.
While the Boston terrier's status as "it" dog has no doubt influenced much of the creative, in some cases the inspiration was more personal.
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