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demonstration (1773) by citizens of Boston who (disguised as Indians) raided three British ships in Boston harbor and dumped hundreds of chests of tea into the harbor

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Boston Tea Party's plans for a new restaurant were revealed in September and Costa Coffee was given the go-ahead before Christmas.
The first three volumes to be released are: The First Fourth of July; Boston Tea Party--The Movie and Give Me Liberty.
Boston Tea Party has signed up to The School Yard development at the Grade II-listed Clock Tower in Harborne, Birmingham, with an opening planned for June.
The event is named after the Boston Tea Party in 1773, in which 342 chests of tea were thrown into Boston Harbor by Colonists protesting taxes.
1732 - Birth of Frederick, Lord North, who as Prime Minister levied the tax on tea that incensed the American colonists and provoked the Boston Tea Party.
Imagine: Samuel Adams saying to his fellow revolutionaries at the Boston Tea Party .
Jubilant Jazz with the Boston Tea Party on Tuesday.
Included among the 300+ miniature works of art in the game are those images that highlight significant events in American history including, the Pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower, the Boston Tea Party, the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the moon landing.
The well known premises close to the city's law courts in Corporation Street, which was a Yates's Wine Lodge for 17 years, is to be Birmingham's first Boston Tea Party outlet.
1773 - The Boston Tea Party, in which Samuel Adams and 150 "Sons of Liberty" protested against British taxes on tea and other goods, took place.
DiGiuseppe replied: ``We had an incident one time, called the Boston Tea Party - I'm sure you're familiar with it - where the people were thoroughly upset with their (government).
A group of coffee roasters, espresso bar owners and loyal espresso consumers from Seattle are planning an I-77 tax revolt similar to the Boston Tea Party.
I FREQUENT The Boston Tea Party (right), Corporation Street (bostonteaparty.
The USA has never apologised, or recompensed for the Boston tea party.
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