Boston fern

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a sword fern with arching or drooping pinnate fronds

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She knew more or less what she wanted to do, and that was to create a story that possessed a granddaughter, a Boston fern, a golden apple and a small blue cradle .
Smaller ferns, such as the stag's horn and the Boston fern, also like moisture and will be happy to live in steamy bathrooms with good light.
The following plants have been shown to be among the most effective in counteracting off-gassed chemicals and contributing to balanced internal humidity: areca palm, dwarf date palm, spider plant, Boston fern, dracaena, English ivy, weeping fig, peace lily and rubber plant.
Description: Boston fern has short, light green leaves alongside a short stem usually no longer than 12 inches; an attractive filler and useful in contemporary designs.
Areca Palm Lady Palm Bamboo Palm Rubber Plant Dracaena "Janet Craig" English Ivy Dwarf Date Palm Ficus Alii Boston Fern Peace Lily Corn Plant Golden Pothos Kimberley Queen Florist's Mum Gerbera Daisy Dracaena "Warneckei" Dragon Tree Red Emerald Philodendron Syngonium Dumb Cane Parlor Palm Weeping Fig Schefflera Wax Begonia Lacy Tree Philodendron Heart-Leaf Philodendron Snake Plant Elephant Ear Philodendron Norfolk Island Pine King of Hearts
I love the Boston fern, also known as the bird's nest fern.
For a jungle look, arrange striking architectural plants with bold leaves such as parlour palms, Swiss cheese and rubber plants as the centrepiece Then fill in using bushy plants with colourful leaves like crotons and dumb cane and plants like the Boston fern, which have complementary and contrasting foliage.
Boston fern (Nephrolepis) and offspring are broad spreading and imposing when reaching three feet or more in diameter.
The common Boston fern removes 1,863 micrograms of formaldehyde per hour.
This key hire could define him as a GM before hanging the first Boston fern in his office.
You can also reverse the arrangement and underplant poinsettias with such small houseplants as variegated miniature ivy, Swedish ivy, miniature peace lily, Dallas fern, or Boston fern.
Container gardening was once limited to a pot of geraniums or a Boston fern on the front porch, but not anymore.
Boston fern Great for asthmatics, it moisturises air and reduces microbes and dust.
Photo: "Ferns aren't my forte,' lamented this gardener when comparing his scraggly Boston fern to the healthy nursery specimen at left.
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