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Synonyms for arm

upper limb



an arm and a leg


would give your right arm for something


  • would do anything for
  • would kill for
  • would sell your own grandmother for
  • would give your eye teeth for

Synonyms for arm

something resembling or structurally analogous to a tree branch

a part added to a main structure

a component of government that performs a given function

Synonyms for arm

any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm


Related Words

the part of an armchair or sofa that supports the elbow and forearm of a seated person

the part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm

prepare oneself for a military confrontation

supply with arms

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The Glasgow singer popped up in the mag after the band played at London's Boston Arms this month - and they described him as "hot".
that kind and also that, long some "So down try to something grasp "I into "perspectives, them - has "abilities, few The album is undoubtedly his best so far and, as we saw at a tiny preview show in London's Boston Arms earlier this month, he is on fire when it comes to performing, even at this early stage of his comeback.
Q: I received a Boston Arms 12 gauge double from a dear friend as a gift.
"The landlord of the Boston Arms, near the port, said she came in with a group of travellers about 10 years ago."
Gray, 35, from Holyhead, based his operation at two pubs in the town, the Boston Arms and the Dublin Packet.
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