Boston Tea Party

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demonstration (1773) by citizens of Boston who (disguised as Indians) raided three British ships in Boston harbor and dumped hundreds of chests of tea into the harbor

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The addition of Boston Tea Party follows the opening of its first cafe-bar in the city in 2012.
Ed Purcell, retail surveyor at Cushman & Wakefield in Birmingham, said: "Boston Tea Party has spent a lot of money fitting out 190 Corporation Street and we're pleased to have finally secured the future of this famous building."
The USA has never apologised, or recompensed for the Boston tea party.
Jubilant Jazz with the Boston Tea Party on Tuesday.
This was partly aided by successes in the United States, particularly in Massachusetts, where the group has clearly tapped into a 21st-century version of the Boston Tea Party.
IT'S interesting to note the great and good of Moseley are on the warpath because Boston Tea Party, Costa Coffee and Pizza Express have been given the green light to set up shop in their precious 'village'.
What was the target of the 1773 political protest known as the Boston Tea Party? 3.
THE GAA Allstars have been given the green light to tour again with a Boston tea Party of a different kind.
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 Hercule Poirot; 2 Smetana; 3 African elephant; 4 The Boston Tea Party; 5 Popeye; 6 Nine; 7 The Elysee Palace; 8 Chicago; 9 Venus; 10 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
1732: Birth of Frederick,Lord North, who as Prime Minister levied the tax on tea that incensed the American colonists and provoked the Boston Tea Party.
Also On This Day: 1653: Oliver Cromwellbecame Lord Protector of England; 1773: The Boston Tea Party, activists dumping tea into the harbour protesting against British taxation, took place; 1775: Birth of author Jane Austen; 1809: Napoleon divorced his wife Josephine
You can find a local one at The CIOT Boston Tea Party Tax Revolt Competition:First Prize - A trip to Boston sponsored by Tourism Massachusetts and the Bulfinch Hotel - In its 75th year The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) is celebrating by holding a competition.
A master silversmith, he had dressed in Indian garb to join 50 other patriots in the Boston Tea Party protest in 1773.
More than two centuries after it happened, Britain will today "apologise" for one of the most significant events in American history - the Boston Tea Party.
I FREQUENT The Boston Tea Party (right), Corporation Street ( maybe a little too often as I use it for meetings and a pick-me-up when I'm shopping.
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