Charlestown Navy Yard

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the navy yard in Boston where the frigate 'Constitution' is anchored

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The nautical imagery is apt, since the brewery sits on the edge of Boston harbor, ensconced in a vast warehouse that was once part of the Boston Navy Yard. "This place was built by the Navy when they were turning out destroyers here," says marketing director Nick Godfrey.
will respond with a list of recommended baseclosings, headed by the Boston Navy Yard.
Tom Wylly had made lieutenant commander when he finally drew short duty, reporting to the Boston Navy Yard in 1926 as one of four assistant supply officers.
Sent to Boston Navy Yard as a seaman second class, Collette joined the commissioning crew of the destroyer escort USS Metivier (DE-582).
During WWII, she studied Naval Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and subsequently worked at the Boston Navy Yard redesigning ships to maximize their use as military vessels.
makes it home in one corner of a vast building that was once part of the Boston Navy Yard. In the 1940s, the cavernous space echoed with the clangor of America's industrial might, as destroyers rolled down the ways, and the United States feverishly prepared for war.
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