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a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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The 256 kilometer pipeline which will be able to transport some 35.0 -50.0 million tonnes per year, was originally conceived in the early 1990's as an easy and economical way to bypass the congested Bosporus straits. With oil shipping cargoes set to rise steeply over the coming years, especially after Kazakhstan's Caspian oil production comes on stream in 2014 the need for a pipeline bypass acquires a new urgency.
Other highlights include the sail from Venice, the cruise through the Dardanelles and the Bosporus Straits. Speakers include NewsweekOs Chief Political Correspondent Howard Fineman; Dr.
During the cruise through the Black Sea, Bosporus Straits, Aegean Sea, and into the Mediterranean, the MTT provided the Russians with lectures detailing the NATO lead operation and NATO procedures.
Now, nearly all Caspian crude oil goes west, largely via pipeline to and/or through Russia to European markets; some also goes by tanker through the Bosporus straits to Western European markets via the Mediterranean sea.
Hundreds of police, some wearing black ski masks, surrounded the hotel overlooking the scenic Bosporus straits after the gunmen burst into the lobby, causing guests to scream and run in panic.