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a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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Observers from the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey said the transiting of two Russian vessels -- one a sea-lifter and the other a navy landing ship -- inbound for the Syrian port city of Tartus; both were carrying a wealth new military equipment.
Bosphorus Strait is a key hub for the maritime transit of mainly oil and grains connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
It is the third bridge to span the Bosphorus Strait and ranks among the world's biggest suspension bridges, in terms of width of deck, height of pylons as well as length of span.
ISTANBUL, Dhu-AlQa'dah 14, 1437, August 17, 2016, SPA -- Traffic in Turkey's Bosphorus Strait, a key international shipping lane for oil and grain, was suspended on Wednesday after a bulk carrier collided with a coast guard boat, shipping agent GAC said, according to Reuters.
Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait, a key chokepoint for oil which handles about 3 percent of global shipments, mainly from Black Sea ports and the Caspian region, was reopened on Saturday after being shut for several hours after Friday's attempted military coup.
The Marmaray tunnel is a railway under the Bosphorus strait connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.
The dramatic events began on Friday evening as tanks took up positions on two of the bridges over the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, blocking traffic.
The huge Russian vessel of Grigori Bobidovich, which left the port city of Novorossiysk in Russia a couple of days ago, passed Bosphorus strait and entered the Mediterranean sea waters en route to Syria.
The Batmobile travelled from Europe to Asia by crossing the Bosphorus Strait via the new Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge which officially opens to the public this summer.
The derrick has two removable sections for more efficient transit under the bridges spanning the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.
Our positive outlook for the Turkish infrastructure sector has been further buoyed by the announcement of a third tunnel to be built under the Bosphorus Strait.
Divided not only by the Bosphorus Strait but by the Golden Horn, which forms a natural harbour, this vibrant blend of diverse cultures makes it a unique and enthralling destination.
The snowstorm also closed the shipping channel through the Bosphorus Strait, one of the busiest in the world and forced the cancellation of most inter-city ferry services.
In Turkey, schools were closed in Istanbul and many of the ferries that connect Turkey's Asian and European sides were stopped because of choppy waters in the Bosphorus Strait, the governor's office said.
Growth in rail freight volumes will be helped by the Marmaray rail tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait, which was opened in 2013.