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a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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Dine overlooking the Bosphorous in Vogue Restaurant
The ship crossed the Bosphorous Strait on June 30th and should have docked at the Port of Tartus by now.
One venue is the Galata Greek Primary School, in the Beyoglu district a block or two from the Bosphorous. It is an ironic choice given that the Greeks and Turks were far from good neighbours in the 20th century tearing each other apart until the Greek population in Turkey was forced to exchange with Turks in Greece.
A two-nights' stay comes for Dh1,630 ($445) and includes daily buffet breakfast at Laledan Restaurant, dinner at Bosphorous Grill overlooking the Bosphorus and a one-time lounge session at the Pool Bar with cocktails for two.
Although the examples of such inconsiderate plans conducted on natural landscape may be multiplied, such as the construction of the Third Bridge over the Bosphorous or HES (3) projects that destroy the ecological balance of the environment all over Turkey, the annihilation of the Park and especially the trees in Gezi Park to build a shopping mall was the final straw that started the kindle of a bigger fire that was beyond politics and social rights; it was a realization of Turkish people that they are a part of a community apart from their family or social institutions and that they are ecologically connected to the community of nature and that even loss of a very small portion of it, would not be tolerable.
I'm already living in the best place in the world -- Istanbul, with a magnificent view of the Bosphorous, and my friends come to me to have a chat at my home all the time.
Choose your preferred mode of relaxation -- haggling over souvenirs at the Grand Bazaar or cruising down the Bosphorous in a ferry.
Four Seasons at the Bosphorous, in Istanbul is an exception.
He also mentioned that next year the market--to be held March 1-3, 2016 at the usual International Convention & Exhibition Center, adjoining the Hilton Bosphorous Hotel in Istanbul--will have a focus on Mexico in an effort to boost its Latin American component.
Highlights of the trip included a visit to the Blue Mosque, a boat trip along the Bosphorous and tasting classic Turkish cuisine such as mezze platters and baklava sweet pastries.
Caption: Hasan Yasar Candemir of Polinas (BEP Hologram parent company), welcomes delegates to the conference dinner on the shore of the Bosphorous
The US-based multinational consultant Parsons International designed the first and second section of the carriageway, which together account for a 180-km section, while Turkey's Bosphorous Technical Consulting Corporation (BOTEK) offered consultancy services for the remaining 85-km stretch of the road project.
Bosphorous Cruise - Taking a Bosphorous ferry tour is a great way to see most of the historical sites within a few hours especially if you only have little time to spend for your holiday.
And for just over a million dollars, there are spacious houses available in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorous.