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any particle that obeys Bose-Einstein statistics but not the Pauli exclusion principle

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Even more strikingly, the distribution of diversity in a system obeying Fermi-Dirac statistics only approaches that of bosonic systems at extremely high temperatures, similar to those at the core of the sun.
In 2010, Ren gave the Fischer decomposition on the space of spinor valued polynomials in the superspace for the super DunklDirac operator with the bosonic Dunkl-Dirac operator (i.e., the Dunkl-Dirac operator in [R.sup.m]) and the fermionic Dirac operator(see [24]).
Plasmons are bosonic elementary excitations in a metallic solid and, in this regard, the question arises as to whether we should treat them in terms of a quantum-mechanical or a classical model.
This classic paper was first published in Soviet Scientific Reviews in 1989 and is a review of the main results in the area of multiloop calculations in the theory of strings.Evaluating the multi-loop amplitudes in the theory of closed oriented Bosonic strings entails finding the measure on the moduli space of Riemann surfaces, says Russian physicist Knizhnik.
A paper in Physical Review B by researchers from the department of physics covers work into bosonic lasers which emit terahertz radiation.
Consider functions (equipped with engineering dimensions) {[[phi].sub.1], ..., [[phi].sub.m]} (the bosonic fields or bosons) and {[[psi].sub.1], ..., [[psi].sub.m]} (the fermionic fields or fermions), collectively called the component fields.
Besides identifying possible 'wobble-effects' due to reshuffling through combinatorial symmetries, they investigate the structure of eukaryotic and vertebrate mitochondrial codes along branching chains and introduce a [Z.sub.2]-grading on codon space (just as there is a grading into bosonic and fermionic types in quantum mechanics) thus extending matters towards representations of super Lie algebras.
The term polariton relates to bosonic quasiparticles resulting from the coupling of EM photons or waves with an electric or magnetic dipole-carrying excitation (4), (5).
If a bosonic spinor [[lambda].sup.[alpha]] is pure, i.e., if the vector part ([lambda][[gamma].sup.a][lambda]) of the spinor bilinear vanishes, the operator Q = [[lambda].sup.[alpha]][d.sub.[alpha]] becomes nilpotent and may be used as a Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin (BRST) operator.
and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) present the elder's T-products approach in the theory of a particle interacting with bosonic fields, describe one version of finite-temperature perturbation theory for the polaron partition function and the ground-state energy developed on the basis of the T-product formalism, discuss the equilibrium-state investigation for the Frohlich polaron model while deriving Bogolubov's inequality for the reduced free energy of the polaron, and review some problems related to nonequilibrium polaron theory including polaron kinetics.
DREISSIG, Entanglement-area law for general bosonic harmonic lattice systems, Phys.
They display not only classical properties of matter (simulated by averaging), but also the collective phenomenon (connected to the breaking of spatial translation symmetry) of the longitudinal propagation of sound, which depends on bosonic quantum degrees of freedom, the phonons.