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any particle that obeys Bose-Einstein statistics but not the Pauli exclusion principle

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In open Bosonic String Theory there is a middlepoint and endpoint interaction [13].
New bosonic lasers emitting terahertz radiation could be fine-tuned to vary or minimise the power required by the laser or to alter the intensity of terahertz radiation.
Bosonic develops a proprietary application for velocity-based power harvesting, offering a clean alternative to power production for municipalities and the private sector.
DREISSIG, Entanglement-area law for general bosonic harmonic lattice systems, Phys.
They display not only classical properties of matter (simulated by averaging), but also the collective phenomenon (connected to the breaking of spatial translation symmetry) of the longitudinal propagation of sound, which depends on bosonic quantum degrees of freedom, the phonons.
Attempts to do the same with molecules made of bosonic atoms failed, however, because collisions shattered those molecules before condensation could take place.
com/research/93qsww/ultracold_bosonic) has announced the addition of Elsevier Science and Technology's new report "Ultracold Bosonic and Fermionic Gases, Vol 5.
The research teams observation provides new insights into the fundamental theories underlying exotic materials including superconductors, charge-density wave systems, ultracold bosonic systems and antiferromagnets.
2]) is made of two kinds of twisting "luxonic matter"--a bosonic form emerging from the quantum field as photons (what we normally call light or electromagnetic energy) and gluons (inter-nuclear energy carriers) that all have spin-I and a fermionic form emerging as spin-% leptons and quarks, both moving at lightspeed provided they are not interacting with this special field called the Higgs field.
Diagonalizing Quadratic Bosonic Operators by Non-Autonomous Flow Equations
Supersymmetry or Bose-Fermi symmetry transforms bosonic fields into fermionic ones and vice versa.
pi]] is a permutation operator, with the proper sign to take into account the bosonic or fermionic nature of the particles.
Methods of bosonic and fermionic path integrals representations; continuum random geometry in quantum field theory.