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Synonyms for bosom

Synonyms for bosom

the seat of a person's innermost emotions and feelings

to put one's arms around affectionately

Synonyms for bosom

the chest considered as the place where secret thoughts are kept

a person's breast or chest

Related Words

cloth that covers the chest or breasts

a close affectionate and protective acceptance

the locus of feelings and intuitions


either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman

hide in one's bosom

Related Words

squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness

References in classic literature ?
"What bosom serpent has the sharpest sting?" repeated this man; but he put the question as if by a reluctant necessity, and grew pale while he was uttering it.
The victims of his malicious remarks, it is true, had brothers enough to keep them in countenance; for, by Roderick's theory, every mortal bosom harbored either a brood of small serpents or one overgrown monster that had devoured all the rest.
Horrible love--horrible antipathy--embracing one another in his bosom, and both concentrating themselves upon a being that had crept into his vitals or been engendered there, and which was nourished with his food, and lived upon his life, and was as intimate with him as his own heart, and yet was the foulest of all created things!
The doomed sufferer submitted to his fate, resumed his former loathsome affection for the bosom fiend, and spent whole miserable days before a looking-glass, with his mouth wide open, watching, in hope and horror, to catch a glimpse of the snake's head far down within his throat.
Roderick was reclining on the margin of a fountain which gushed into the fleckered sunshine with the same clear sparkle and the same voice of airy quietude as when trees of primeval growth flung their shadows cross its bosom. How strange is the life of a fountain!--born at every moment, yet of an age coeval with the rocks, and far surpassing the venerable antiquity of a forest.
"You see," observed Elliston, pointing to the book of serpents, while a smile gleamed upon his lips, "I am making an effort to become better acquainted with my bosom friend; but I find nothing satisfactory in this volume.
You, however, have none in your bosom, and therefore cannot sympathize with the rest of the world.
By the time I was 17 I looked like a refugee from the Playboy Club with enormous bosoms, blonde hair and a liking for very short skirts and fishnets" - Sophie Dahl, former model and granddaughter of writer Roald Dahl.
At which point I must confess that all of my sex craving vanity surgery appear to me to need psychological help more than new bosoms. To think that you are acceptable to men (and it's for men these procedures are undertaken) is a confession of failure: you feel you have nothing to offer except an enhanced torso that signals desperation and, back in the gent's urinal, promotes laughter.
"I thought they either hung low or I walked around with my bosoms in the air and my shoulders cut to shreds."
Russell once told an interviewer that "Christians have bosoms, too, you know," and in her autobiography she talked about the conflict between her religious faith and her image.
Mad Men-style '50s shapes with room for bosoms and bottoms are going to be all the rage this autumn.
FORMER Miss UK Gemma Garrett was understandably animated when she was cornered in the Apartment nightclub this week and asked if her bosoms were surgically enhanced or, indeed, the real deal.
Oh those dreaded teenage years Full of acne, full of tears Hormones going wild inside Bosoms that you'd rather hide!
Don't panic, I'm not talking bosoms here; I did that famous pencil test years ago and failed miserably - still haven't found the pencil.