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But Sarajevo's citizens--Orthodox Serbs, Catholic Croats, Bosnian Muslims and a large Jewish community--have lived peaceably together for centuries.
Dennis Rutovitz, chairman of Edinburgh Direct Aid, added: "The Romany Bosnians were brought in at the end of Bosnian Prog-ramme and there wasn't proper provision made."
Outsiders may not be aware that many of the Bosnian Croats and at least some of the Bosnian Serbs did not, and do not, share the expansionist plans of the leaders in Croatia or Serbia respectively.
That nighttime view of Sarajevo remains my most vivid memory of the once-cosmopolitan Bosnian capital.
Under this scenario, Tuzla, the town that has managed to preserve a non-nationalist politics throughout the war, will become vulnerable because it lies between the two halves of Serb-occupied territories and the Bosnian Serbs will want to improve their position on the ground.
On May 26, NATO planes attacked Serb ammunition dumps near Pale, the capital of Bosnian Serbs, the reaction of which was an attack on Tuzla, which had also been declared a safe haven.
Three years of war have dramatically altered Bosnia's ethnic composition, flooding government-held territory, one-fifth of the original Bosnian state, with Muslim refugees while draining that space of Serbs and Croats.
A case in point is the Bosnian Muslim doctor I spoke with one afternoon at Kareta.
There is a Talmudic expression that goes, "It is your obligation to tell people things they can hear; it is your obligation not to tell people things they cannot hear." That they should stop believing in the UN, as so many foreigners--including UN officials--told them, was something many Bosnians were not prepared to listen to, even after two years of slaughter.
Calls to arm the Bosnian Muslims have come from the Democratic Socialists of America (which also advocates "massive airstrikes").
During the meetings, the Saudi delegation stressed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's stand under the leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud with the Bosnian People in addition to providing support and assistance to them.
Cikotic added, during his meeting today at the headquarters of the Bosnian
If the Bosnians lack the capability to modify the iron corset bequeathed to them at Dayton, the EU remains indifferent, and the United States is preoccupied with the Middle East, South Asia, and China, what lies ahead?
A United Nations military unit from the Netherlands was stationed in the surrounded enclave, home to thousands of Bosnians who were trapped and under attack.
The award, part of the Year of the Volunteer 2005 Small Grants Programme, will enable the Bosnian Cultural Centre to set up a visiting schedule where 15 young volunteers will provide a home help service and entertainment for isolated elderly Bosnians in Kingstanding and surrounding areas.