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He watched as Bosniak refugees including his family members were handed over to the Serbs by UN peacekeepers.
When Serb forces led by General Ratko Mladic broke through two years later, Srebrenica's terrified Muslim Bosniak population rushed to the UN compound hoping that Dutch UN peacekeepers would protect them.
Bosniaks had hoped that a revision could shed more light on crimes committed during the war, in which more than 100,000 people were killed.
The Bosniak renal cyst classification was initially described in 1986 (4) and was later updated to add a new category called category IIF.
The Sarajevo-based Constitutional Court has ruled that the holiday would be illegal because it coincides with a Serbian Orthodox Christian holiday and so discriminates against Muslim Bosniaks and Catholic Croats living in the Serb Republic.
American arguments were strengthened by notorious mass killings of Bosniak civilians, including a mortar attack against the Markale marketplace in August 1995.
Bosniak type III lesions are undetermined in their malignant potential.
This pseudo enhancement of small intraparenchymal cysts can lead to an upgraded Bosniak cyst classification and difficulty in prognosis.
It should not be overlooked that there were also Croatian women who were raped by Serbian paramilitaries as part of this campaign, as well as Serbian women who were raped by Croatian and Bosniak soldiers.
The Srebrenica massacre was the genocidal killing, in July 1995, of more than 8,000 Bosniaks, mainly men and boys, in and around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War.
The commemoration ceremony kicked off in Sarajevo at the "Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery Kovayii" upon the memorial grave of Alija Izetbegoviyc , Bosniak national leader and first Chairman of the Presidency.
The research focused on the Bosniak Community in Croatia and on the Bosniak Community in the Sandzak region of Serbia.
Bosniak classification of renal cysts: Impact on patient management
Sarajevo: Ten Bosnian Serb wartime officials were arrested on Tuesday over the killing of close to 70 Muslim Bosniak civilians and persecution of many more, including women and children, early in the former Yugoslav republic's 1992-95 war.
BelgradeCity, Safar 13, 1436, Dec 5, 2014, SPA -- Muslim Bosniak leader Bakir Izetbegovic stormed out