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For example, Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia fled to Croatia, Serbs from Croatia fled to Serbia or to Serbian-dominated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bosniacs relocated to Bosniac-dominated areas within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The first is dominated today by Serbs, the second by Bosniacs and Bosnian Croats.
In the Green Howards' area Bosniacs predominate in two out of three cantons and Croats in the third.
Bosnia end Hercegovina, worried about being swallowed up or partitioned by Serbia, also held a referendum (boycotted by the Bosnian Serbs); 65 percent of resident Bosniacs and Croats voted for independence.
The Republika Srpska (RS), now largely populated by Bosnian Serbs, was given 49 percent of the total territory of Bill, The Federation of Bosniacs [Bosnian Muslims] and Croats got the remaining 51 percent.
Croats currently living in MND Southwest would move east to MND Southeast, while Bosniacs would move north into MND North and Serbs would move west from there into MND Southwest.
The Canadian area of responsibility (AOR) corresponds to two Bosnia canton areas (cantons one and ten) in the country's northwest, an area about the size of Nova Scotia currently populated by Bosniac and Croat majorities.
The second message was to the Serbs (and to the Bosniacs and Croats as well) and that was the value we place on the lives of our people.
Despite moderate resistance, the mission was completed within moments, and with full respect for our "even handedness;" he had knocked over two Serb, two Croat and two Bosniac checkpoints.
Despite intense international efforts to return Bosnians to their pre-war homes, maneuvers by pro-Karadzic extremists aimed at preserving the results of earlier ethnic cleansing have prevented displaced Bosniacs and Croats from returning to Republika Srpska.
Given the respective populations within Bosnia and Herzegovina (roughly three Bosniacs/Muslims for every two Serbs for every one Croat) one-person-one-vote majoritarianism suits the most numerous Bosniacs, whereas the least numerous Croats call for ethnic balancing.
The Bosnian Muslim called themselves Bosniacs to emphasize their alleged non-ethnic, non-religious character.
39) There will be two Croats, two Bosniacs, and two Serbs, each appointed by their own governments,(40) and eight outside members, appointed by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Strasbourg organization.
In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Croats, Bosniacs and Serbs have the right to live in peaceful, democratic European country in which all three peoples are coexisting, sovereign and equal.
Viewed through the lens of Western cameras and spoken in the language of foreigners, the horror known by Bosnians becomes dangerously palatable, and the Bosnians themselves become something else: les Bosniacs.