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The first is dominated today by Serbs, the second by Bosniacs and Bosnian Croats.
Croats and Serbs went into exile in their nearby "national homelands" (Croatia and Serbia), but Bosniacs could either remain internally displaced or seek refuge in third countries (and on a temporary basis also in Croatia).
The Republika Srpska (RS), now largely populated by Bosnian Serbs, was given 49 percent of the total territory of Bill, The Federation of Bosniacs [Bosnian Muslims] and Croats got the remaining 51 percent.
The Federation has a similar structure, except that it is further carved up into 10 cantons to accommodate its ethnic diversity of Croatian Catholics and Bosniac Muslims.
The Bosniacs, with support from fiscal analysts in the international donor community, have pushed strongly for such State revenues.
Croats currently living in MND Southwest would move east to MND Southeast, while Bosniacs would move north into MND North and Serbs would move west from there into MND Southwest.
Despite moderate resistance, the mission was completed within moments, and with full respect for our "even handedness;" he had knocked over two Serb, two Croat and two Bosniac checkpoints.
Most Bulgarian "Turks" speak Bulgarian, and Bosniacs and Croats speak the same language as Serbs, which used to be called Serbo-Croatian.
The electoral campaign was marked by certain abuses of the law enforcement structures by tile three ruling parties, in Serb and Croat areas, Bosniacs who tried to campaign were prevented from doing so, opposition parties were harassed, sometimes violently, and their supporters openly intimidated by local authorities and by the cadres of the ruling parties.
Everything is apportioned in thirds - one part Serbian, one part Bosniac,(8) and one part Croatian.
In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Croats, Bosniacs and Serbs have the right to live in peaceful, democratic European country in which all three peoples are coexisting, sovereign and equal.
Croats, Serbs and Bosniacs died because they were 'the other', they were Muslims among Christians, or Catholics among Orthodox Slavs, or Orthodox Slavs living with majorities that were Muslim or Catholic.
I do not intend to speak here about the special case of Islam in Europe, which is certainly one of the key reasons for the passivity of western Europe in solving the Balkan crisis and in the almost accomplished genocide over the Bosniacs.
Viewed through the lens of Western cameras and spoken in the language of foreigners, the horror known by Bosnians becomes dangerously palatable, and the Bosnians themselves become something else: les Bosniacs.
Reports such as ITN's fr om the concentration camps of Omarska and Trnopolje became iconic of the suffering of the people of Bosnia--images of starved Bosniac men staring out at the camera from behind barbed wire resonated with representations of the Holocaust.