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For example, Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia fled to Croatia, Serbs from Croatia fled to Serbia or to Serbian-dominated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bosniacs relocated to Bosniac-dominated areas within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bosnia end Hercegovina, worried about being swallowed up or partitioned by Serbia, also held a referendum (boycotted by the Bosnian Serbs); 65 percent of resident Bosniacs and Croats voted for independence.
Under the Bosnian Constitution, the Entity governments have a wide range of expenditure responsibilities, reflecting the emphasis on subsidiarity, including exclusive responsibility in their territories over defense (there are currently three armies: one in the Republika Srpska, and two in the Federation: one Bosniac and one Croat), internal affairs, police, environmental policies, economic and social sector policies, agriculture, industry (broadly, support to SOEs), refugees and displaced persons, public investment and justice.
Bosniac is more adequate in describing those who were the victims of the genocidal violence of the Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Groat armies than the somewhat mistaken designation Muslim.
In Krnjeusa, a predominantly Serbian village destroyed during Bosniac and Croatian militia advances, for example, Canadian SFOR soldiers based at the nearby town of Coralici constructed a children's playground adjacent to the village school.
The second message was to the Serbs (and to the Bosniacs and Croats as well) and that was the value we place on the lives of our people.
In Bosniac areas harassment of political opponents by supporters of the ruling Bosniac party, the party of Democratic Action, was reported on various occasions.
In the case of Srpska, this is its National Assembly; in the case of the Bosniac and Croat members, it is the members of the upper house of the Federation who are of that ethnic group.
In each of the Croat and Bosniac areas of the Federation and in the Serb-controlled Republika Srpska (RS), the major political elements that took Bosnia into war now also enjoy the economic spoils in their geographical sectors.
It has some eighty Serb officers (roughly 7 percent of the total) as well as Roma, Turk, and Bosniac members in smaller numbers.
The future is what brings us together," Vusic said, adding that he knew that 50 percent of Bosniacs still did not trust him "because of the fierce campaign and anti-Serb feeling.
And what about Alevis, Armenians, Arameans (Syriacs), Greeks, Jews, Georgians, Arabs, Protestants or Bosniacs living in Turkey as equal citizens?
Furthermore, the Bosniacs were able to get international appeal for their struggle in a way that has eluded the Syrian opposition for a number of reasons, including the spectre of Iraq, fear of sectarianism, extremist elements within opposition ranks, and lack of cohesion.
These minorities include Serbs - who are ensured 10 seats - along with Bosniacs, Turks, Romans and Egyptians - who are distributed amongst another 10 seats.