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Synonyms for Bosnia-Herzegovina

a mountainous republic of south-central Europe

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However, Fabrika Duhana Sarajevo and Duhanka offered the most affordable, yet recognisably branded products that resonated well with consumers in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
If you're in the Retail Tissue industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina, our research will save you time and money while empowering you to make informed, profitable decisions.
Discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the Dishwashing industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina with research from Euromonitor's team of in-country analysts.
If you're in the Nappies/Diapers/Pants industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina, our research will save you time and money while empowering you to make informed, profitable decisions.
Founded in 1888 by Bosnia-Herzegovina's Austro-Hungarian administration, the Zemaljski Muzej grew into an interdisciplinary research and educational centre that played a major role in the development of Austria-Hungary's new colony.
Target business opportunities and risks in Bosnia-Herzegovina's telecoms sector through our reviews of latest industry trends, regulatory changes and major deals, projects and investments in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
* What is the market size of Sanitary Protection in Bosnia-Herzegovina?
A nation of a little less than 4 million people, Bosnia-Herzegovina will have to travel a long road toward membership, as it faces numerous challenges, including an unemployment rate of 40 percent that leads a large number of citizens to go abroad to find work every year.
Ivanic for his part said Bosnia-Herzegovina was relying on Sofia for cooperation, including for assistance in the export of local products, via Bulgaria, to Turkey.
SARAYBOSNA (CyHAN)- Making a speech at Bosnian Parliament, European Union's High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Federica Mogherini expressed her pleasure due to adoption of the statement of the European commitment and stated that this is a historic milestone for Bosnia-Herzegovina.
FORMER president of Bosnia-Herzegovina Haris Silajdzic expressed his gratitude to Qatar for standing with Bosnia-Herzegovina throughout the country's history, especially in its time of need during the Bosnian War.
With a new plant in Serbia and the foundation of a subsidiary in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sika is laying the foundation for further growth in Southeastern Europe.
The chance is still much in play for Iran's national football team, but they'll certainly have to beat Bosnia-Herzegovina in their last match tonight.