Bosnia and Herzegovina

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a mountainous republic of south-central Europe

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Sun Jun 15: Argentina v Bosnia-Hercegovina (Rio) BBC 11pm, Mon Jun 16: Iran v Nigeria (Curitiba) BBC 8pm, Sat Jun 21: Argentina v Iran (Belo Horizonte) ITV 5pm, Nigeria v Bosnia-Hercegovina (Cuiaba) BBC 11pm, Wed Jun 25: Nigeria v Argentina (Porto Alegre) ITV 5pm, Bosnia-Hercegovina v Iran (Salvador) ITV 5pm.
The Super Eagles, who include departing Newcastle United striker Shola Ameobi in their preliminary squad for Brazil, can look forward to a tasty group at this summer's World Cup which features Argentina, Iran and Bosnia-Hercegovina.
International friendlies: Argentina v Bosnia-Hercegovina (1.
Neptun, his Vienna-based consumer electronics business, has more than 20 outlets in Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, (FYR) Macedonia and Serbia.
I walked in the name of Allah, for Islam, for Bosnia-Hercegovina, for my parents and my sister," he added.
The experienced defender could still play in Ireland's Euro 2012 warm up game against Bosnia-Hercegovina this afternoon but Given, who has a knee injury, is expected to be rested.
The work addresses specific operations in the Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, and Liberia, and provides a detailed discussion of strategies employed by UN operatives and the ways in which framing was influenced and modified by conditions on the ground.
Elsewhere in the second leg of the play-offs the most tension could be in Lisbon as Portugal take on Bosnia-Hercegovina with the game finely balanced after a goalless draw in the first leg.
Three white houses above ground on the slopes of the southern Bjelasnica mountain in Bosnia-Hercegovina are the only signs that give away Military Installation D-0, the sophisticated anti-nuclear facility that unfolds in the ground below.
Apart from Bosnia-Hercegovina, for which EBRD's growth forecast for 2011 remained at 2.
Bosnia-Hercegovina survived the 1992-1995 genocide against its population from Serbian and Croatian ultra-nationalists and exists today as a fragmented and politically divided country where Serbian leaders, who continue to promote the types of ethnic extremist statements that were common during the war, control half the country.
LAST NIGHT'S RESULTS International matches: Albania 1, Andorra 0; Azerbaijan 0, Honduras 0; Belarus 0, Sweden 1; Greece 0, Paraguay 2; Norway 0, Ukraine 1; Poland 0, Serbia 0; Romania 0 FYR Macedonia 1; Zimbabwe 0, Brazil 3 TONIGHT'S GAMES International matches: Germany v Bosnia-Hercegovina, 7.
Group D: France, Romania, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Belarus, Albania, Luxembourg
According to the charge sheet, he stands accused of having "participated in an overarching joint criminal enterprise to permanently remove Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat inhabitants from the territories of Bosnia-Hercegovina claimed as Bosnian Serb territory".
The massive campaigns of death that are genocide even those that are not officially labelled as genocide such as the 1992-1995 killings in the Former Yugoslavia especially in Bosnia-Hercegovina are all too large of issues to be solved, deliberated or punished for in some international politically mandated court.
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