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Synonyms for Bodhisattva

Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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Bosatsu is the Sino-Japanese translation of the Sanskrit term
Benzaiten's evolution is in part due to originally unrelated deities such as Myoon Bosatsu (Skt.
Half hidden among tall grasses and bushes, one still can discern a block of andesite covered with Bodhisattvas, twenty-five of them, cut in low relief: the Niju-go Bosatsu. (31) Unfortunately two or three of them at the top of the rock could not quite be finished: all the rest were done by Kobo-Daishi in a single night, but the day broke before he could complete the topmost row, and he left them as they were.
The painting pointedly ignores, then, the usual Japanese term for Avalokitesvara: Kannon Bosatsu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The artworks form part of a collection of 52 wooden sculptures titled Bosatsu on Clouds, which were created in 1053 and have been declared National Treasures by the Japanese government.
The Japanese title of the sutra is Fugengyo [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], an abbreviation of Kan fugen bosatsu gyobokyo [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
These circuits include temples dedicated to Fudo myoo (the Immovable Wisdom King) and Jizo bosatsu (a psychopomp bodhisattva who escorts the departed--especially young children and either aborted or miscarried fetuses--to be reborn in Amida Buddha's Pure Land).