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This supports the explanation that when cattle facing elevated temperatures, Bos taurus and crossbreds with high genetic fraction of HF dissipate the excess heat by panting effectively, complementing this with cutaneous evaporative heat loss if that heat was not dissipated successfully by sweating (Robertshaw, 1985).
As the materials in the study served the drugs of metaphase chromosomes derived from different species of animals in the genus Bos Taurus, Bos grinniens, Ovis aries, Equus caballus, bred in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
rabbits and hares 10/2 Felis libyca wildcat 1/1 Mellivora capensis honey badger 1/1 Arctocephalus pusillus Cape fur seal 3/1 Raphicerus campestres steenbok 1/1 Bos taurus cattle 1/1 small bovid(s) 9/1 large-medium bovid(s) 1/1 large bovid(s) 3/1 Chersina angulata angulate tortoise 4 Spheniscus demersus African penguin 1/1 other birds 1/1 fish 4/1 Table 2.
In the tropical environments the use of Bos indicus x Bos taurus cattle is an efficient tool to improve the production index in farms.
2003), os Bos taurus apresentam AOL superiores quando comparados aos Bos indicus, o que explica maior media observada pelo cruzamento LR (V Limousin VV Red Angus VV Nelore).
Bos taurus 6/3 96/11 69/17 117/13 Ovis aries 2/2 14/4 2/1 Capra hircus 6/6 3/1 Ovis aries/ 27/7 47/15 105/20 Capra hircus Sus scrofa dom.
Cattle of mostly Bos indicus breed ancestry - valued for their heat tolerance, reproductive abilities, and the hybrid vigor they contribute to crossbreeding programs - are more likely than their Bos taurus counterparts to produce tough beef.
The creation of a Bos taurus exome capture product will provide sequence-verified SNP's, insertions, and deletions, without any prior knowledge of genomic variation.
With a dedicated effort of more than 300 scientists from 25 different countries in a time of 6 years, the first bos taurus (female Hereford) whole genome assembly was published in the year 2009 (Zimin et al.
Efeito da ovariectomia em novilhas Nelore x Angus, Bos taurus indicus x Bos taurus taurus sobre os ganhos de peso.
Acquisition and expression of resistance by Bos indicus and Bos indicus x Bos Taurus calves to Ambyloma americanum infestation.
Despite their tropical adaptation, Senepols are Bos taurus animals, the same species as Angus, Hereford, and other English cattle breeds.
In the Bos taurus breeds we have tested, the imputation accuracies have been excellent.
African indigenous taurine cattle Bos taurus (humpless cattle) are now found nearly exclusively in West Africa, while commercial taurine breeds and their crossbreed are found almost in every part of the continent, although their populations are relatively low compared to the indigenous breeds.
Although metapods of Bos taurus and Equus caballus with the same type of marks and dating between the tenth and eighteenth century had previously been identified at several sites in Spain (Table 1), their use was by no means certain.