Bos primigenius

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large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox

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2007), podemos concluir que ambas as racas, pertencentes a especie Bos primigenius indicus, foram capazes de acrescentar, em media, +0,10[cm.
The bones of a very large ox were found, possibly Bos primigenius, along with deer, roe deer and horse; in his opinion, these must have served as food for the primitive inhabitants of Spain.
A sua vasta distribuicao geografica, do Atlantico ao Pacifico, foi documentada por meio dos seus fosseis localizados em toda a Eurasia e norte da Africa e em locais tao distantes como as Ilhas Britanicas e a China, o que deve ter propiciado a formacao de tres subespecies ou racas geograficas denominadas: Bos primigenius primigeniusdo norte da Eurasia, B.
Eleven animal species, that include Acanthodactylus cantoris, Bos primigenius indicus, Bufo stomaticus, Camelus ferus bacterianus, Eryx johnii, Homo sapiens sapiens, Hoplobatrachus tigerinus, Oligodon taeniolatus and Oligodon arnensis, Pavo cristatus, Uromastyx hardwickii and Varanus griseus koniecznyi were commonly used for the preparation of zoo-therapeutics.
European cattle are called Bos primigenius taurus, while South Asian (and most African) cattle are B.
Breeds of large cattle which most closely resemble Bos primigenius, such as Highland cattle and the white Maremma breed from Italy, are being bred with each other in a technique known as "back-breeding".
2 2,7 Bos primigenius 7 4,2 2 2,7 Equus caballus 29 17,3 26 34,7 Cervus elaphus 27 16,1 21 28,0 Capreolus capreolus 8 4,8 Capra pyrenaica 4 2,4 5 6,7 Rupicapra rupicapra 77 45,8 12 16,0 Sus scropha Ursus spelaeus 12 7,1 Pantera pardus 5 6,7 Lynx pardina 1 1,3 Felix silvestris 1 0,6 Vulpes vulpes Canis lupus Martes martes Carnivoro indet Lepussp 2 1,2 T.