Bos primigenius

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large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox

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(2007), podemos concluir que ambas as racas, pertencentes a especie Bos primigenius indicus, foram capazes de acrescentar, em media, +0,10[cm.sup.2] na area de olho de lombo em seus descendentes, existindo, portanto, uma variabilidade entre touros destas racas para aumento da AOL.
Danger rating: 6/10 COW (BOS PRIMIGENIUS) Description: Farm animal commonly seen in fields across the Welsh countryside.
European cattle are called Bos primigenius taurus, while South Asian (and most African) cattle are B.
Breeds of large cattle which most closely resemble Bos primigenius, such as Highland cattle and the white Maremma breed from Italy, are being bred with each other in a technique known as "back-breeding".
The wild auroch, Bos primigenius, is the progenitor of all taurine and zebu cattle (Edwards et al., 2007).
These results may support the hypothesis that Hanwoo breed had not been originated from a crossbred between Bos primigenius in Europe and Bos indicus in India, however, North Eastern Asian cattle breeds might be had separate domestication from the European and African Bos taurus followed by the small extents of Bos indicus influx (Mannen et al., 2004; Yoon et al., 2005).
It seems likely that zebu cattle may have been domesticated originally from wild oxen (Bos primigenius namadicus) in South Asia, more particularly in Beluchistan region (Meadow, 1993; Wendorf and Schild, 1994; Kumar et al., 2003).