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wild ox of the Malay Archipelago

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The results of the CFA (Figure 3), PCoA (Figure 4) and PCA (Figure 5) analysis also revealed three clusters: Bos taurus, Bos indicus, and Bos javanicus. Ongole Grade, Sumba Ongole, Madura, Pasundan, and Pesisir cattle were included in the Bos indicus cluster.
These cattle are often called kacang (bean) cattle because of their relatively small body size [39], and they are produced from the crossing program between Bos javanicus and Bos indicus.
Bos taurus cluster (Simmental Purebred, Simmental Crossbred, and Holstein Friesian cattle); Bos indicus cluster (Sumba Ongole, Ongole Grade, Madura, Pasundan, and Pesisir cattle); and Bos javanicus cluster (Banteng and Bali cattle).
These include: 10 primates (including the five species of macaque known from the region); three species of bovids, the banteng (Bos javanicus), the gaur (B.
The list of species, accession number, source and code Species Accession number Source Code Bos taurus V00654 GenBank Bos taurus Bos indicus NC_005971 GenBank Bos indicus Bos gaurus AF348593 GenBank Bos gaurus Bos javanicus D82889 GenBank Bos javanicus Bos grunniens AY955225 GenBank Bos grunniens Bos sauveli AY689189 GenBank Bos sauveli Bubalus bubalis D88635 GenBank Bubalus bubalis Bos frontalis EF061227~EF061237 This study BF01~BF11