Bos grunniens

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large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated


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Technically only the bull of Bos grunniens is a yak.
Interestingly, Bos mutus (wild yak) and Bos grunniens (domestic yak) did not form a close group, although researchers considered that they belong to different subspecies of yak.
The different nucleic acids and amino acid between Bos grunniens and Bos Taurus Amino Items Nucleic acids site acid site 196 395 524 947 961 65 Bos grunniens (EU195062) C T C C A A Bos Taurus (BC102589) T C T T G N
The list of species, accession number, source and code Species Accession number Source Code Bos taurus V00654 GenBank Bos taurus Bos indicus NC_005971 GenBank Bos indicus Bos gaurus AF348593 GenBank Bos gaurus Bos javanicus D82889 GenBank Bos javanicus Bos grunniens AY955225 GenBank Bos grunniens Bos sauveli AY689189 GenBank Bos sauveli Bubalus bubalis D88635 GenBank Bubalus bubalis Bos frontalis EF061227~EF061237 This study BF01~BF11