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wild ox of mountainous areas of eastern India

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The gayal belongs to the family Bovidae, tribe Bovini, group Bovina, genus Bos and species Bos frontalis. The gayal, synonymous with mithan or mithun, is a unique bovine species which has a limited geographical distribution from east Bhutan through the Arunachal Pradesh in India to the Naga and Chin hills in the Arakan Yomarange that defines the borders between India, Bangladesh and Myanmar (Mason, 1988; Payne and Hodges, 1997).
(2010) analyzed mtDNA control region sequences of 71 samples and SRY gene sequences of 39 samples, together with the available sequences in GenBank which showed that Yunnan gayal originated from the hybridization between male Bos frontalis and female Bos taurus or Bos indicus, and that Yunnan cattle mostly originated from B.
Physical feature, physiological character and behavior study of gayal (Bos frontalis).
Study on the growth pattern of gayals (Bos frontalis) and their crossbred calves.
ABSTRACT: The gayal (Bos frontalis) in China is a very rare semi-wild and semi-domestic bovine species.
(Key Words : Gayal (Bos frontalis), Cytochrome b Gene, Molecular Phylogeny)
The gayal (Bos frontalis), also called mithan or mithun, is found in China only in the Dulong River and Nujiang River Basin in Yunnan Province, and in Menyu and Luoyu regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region where the altitude ranges between 1,500 M-4,100 M.