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We believe that Summit's contribution to BOS will be seen both in the revenues and earnings and that this acquisition will be a stepping stone to our development as an international company.
As a leader among more than 100 city commercial banks in China, BOS is a fast-growing bank with outstanding financial performance, holding a strategic position in China's banking industry from IT vendors' perspective.
Penalties -- Caron, Bos (roughing), 12:18; Eller, Mon (roughing, boarding), 12:18.
1 million in cash; (ii) 360,000 unregistered BOS ordinary shares (with incidental registration rights), amounting to approximately 3.
Penalties_Hamilton, Bos (delay of game), 3:47; Barch, Fla, major (fighting), 11:56; Thornton, Bos, major (fighting), 11:56; Shore, Fla (elbowing), 15:01; Caron, Bos (boarding), 19:53.
Shmuel Koren, BOS President and CEO added: "This new order, placed by a strategic customer, is another important step in the strengthening of our relationship with our customers.
In addition, BOS agreed to enter into a lock up agreement, restricting the transfer of its share holdings in Qualmax and in New World, for up to two years.
BOS operates through two divisions based in Israel:
Penalties -- Bartkowski, Bos (tripping), :47; Chimera, Was (tripping), 10:37; Fehr, Was (high-sticking), 14:11; Marchand, Bos (tripping), 18:24; Backstrom, Was (slashing), 18:29.
participated in its rights offering and also purchased additional shares on the market, bringing its stake in BOS to approximately 9 percent.
Penalties -- Scrivens, Edm, served by Hall (tripping), :26; Krejci, Bos (holding), 11:00; Kelly, Bos (high-sticking), 15:03; Eberle, Edm (interference), 15:44.
Copies of the prospectus for the rights distribution may also be obtained from BOS at 20 Frieman Street, Rishon Le'Zion, Israel, Attention: Eyal Cohen, telephone: +972-3-954-1000 or e-mail: eyalc@boscom.
The securities offered pursuant to the prospectus would be offered in Israel only, by BOS and not by any selling shareholder, have not been and will not be registered under the U.
Penalties -- Horcoff, Dal (hooking), 3:31; Krug, Bos (holding), 13:40; Chara, Bos (roughing), 18:09; McQuaid, Bos (roughing), 18:09; Fiddler, Dal (roughing), 18:09; Boston bench, served by Thornton (too many men), 19:24.
The orders, which BOS plans to supply during 2007, are for components produced by Sensata Technologies Inc.