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In case of SRY gene, Bos taurus SRY gene sequence (AB039748) was aligned with that of Bos indicus sequence (AY079145) and identified the nucleotide mismatches, which were used for the breed differentiation marker based on the PCR-RFLP using MseI restriction enzyme.
More than 50 company notes on BOS players leading the market
Eyal Cohen, CFO of BOS, said: "As previously noted, we anticipate that the acquisition of iDnext and Next-Line would positively impact our profits, commencing year 2016.
Advent got legal consultancy by Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP and Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, while BOS was advised by Macleod Dixon LLP.
In addition to mapping BOS costs through 2013, the report examines market shares globally and by country for mounting structures, which hold the largest share of BOS component costs at US$0.
Penalties -- Boychuk, Bos (interference), 15:29; Markov, Mon (interference), 17:59.
Penalties -- Lucic, Bos (tripping), 3:58; Desharnais, Mon (interference), 19:10; Iginla, Bos, served by Thornton, minor-misconduct (roughing), 19:36; Chara, Bos, served by Fraser (slashing, roughing), 19:36; Weaver, Mon, minor-misconduct (slashing), 19:36.
Penalties -- Pacioretty, Mon (hooking), 4:00; Gallagher, Mon (unsportsmanlike conduct), 6:12; Marchand, Bos (unsportsmanlike conduct), 6:12; Bartkowski, Bos (holding), 6:12; Plekanec, Mon (interference), 7:58; Hamilton, Bos (interference), 14:46; Fraser, Bos (delay of game), 17:00; Plekanec, Mon (goaltender interference), 19:43.
BOS will sell the NWB shares on a monthly basis with an initial sale, in September 2008, of 5 million shares.
Penalties -- Bourque, Mon (cross-checking), 1:11; Krug, Bos (roughing), 1:11; Caron, Bos (hooking), 3:39; Weise, Mon (hooking), 6:18; Prust, Mon (holding), 7:18; Hamilton, Bos (interference), 16:29; P.
For the first time in the Company's history, BOS will host a conference call, to be simultaneously Webcast, on Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 10:00 a.
Penalties -- Abdelkader, Det (hooking), 2:34; Thornton, Bos (high-sticking), 4:26; Krejci, Bos (tripping), 17:12.
BOS Today Announced That It Will Report Its First Quarter 2008 Financial Results on Thursday, May 22, 2008
Penalties -- Thornton, Bos (holding), 1:32; Tatar, Det (hooking), 3:21; Kindl, Det (interference), 8:15; DeKeyser, Det (slashing), 9:54; Tatar, Det (roughing), 18:48; DeKeyser, Det (roughing), 18:48; Marchand, Bos (roughing), 18:48; Hamilton, Bos (roughing), 18:48; B.
I have completed my first year as the President and Chief Executive Officer of BOS and it is with excitement that I look back at the Company's achievements during this period of time.