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Synonyms for diamond

a transparent piece of diamond that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem

very hard native crystalline carbon valued as a gem

a parallelogram with four equal sides


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a playing card in the minor suit that has one or more red rhombuses on it

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Chris Bortz has seen the cost of gasoline for his car drop by almost half since June.
Blair, P.E.D., with colleagues at the Cooper Aerobics Clinic in Dallas, and geriatrician Walter Bortz II, that have analyzed huge numbers of available statistics on aging and death and now assess potential longevity directly in terms of exercise years.
Genetically modified food has nothing to do with food grown in "poison," as Bortz put it.
In addition, Boyd served as a business owner of Bortz Farm Store in LaPorte, Indiana.
As a reminder, it's always good to regularly change your Dropbox password while making sure that it is strong and not shared with any other services," a fraction of Dropbox's (https://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=114561#post-605865) forum announcement posted by Andrew Bortz.
Later that evening, Tumbarella introduced Jones to Charles Bortz, a twenty-eight-year-old firefighter who grew up in a small fishing and logging community near Astoria, Oregon.
Baghdad (NINA) - President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barazani, discussed with the new German Consul to Kurdistan Region, Alfred Bortz, the political situation in the area and in Syria.
Walter Bortz, Eddie Phillips, Dan Lieberman, and T.
German DJ/producer Daniel Bortz will be ready on the decks to help you dance the night away.
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust CEO Jon Bortz says investors need to be cautious in the New York hotel market because supply is growing.
Leslie Bortz, president of RHP, referred to the combination as a a[euro]oewinning partnershipa[euro], which brings together the company's professional manufacturing techniques and strong network of distributors and customers throughout the country and DBGa[euro](tm)s creativity.
Jon Bortz, the company chairman and chief executive officer, said, 'We are extremely excited to acquire the Hotel Milano in the highly desirable and resurgent San Francisco market.
But too many of Kohn's observations are along the lines of his assumption that Pynchon named his Jacobean scholar Emory Bortz after W.
Ten years ago one of the 12 Bortz family-owned nursing home facilities in Michigan won this magazine's annual OPTIMA Award for an activities program program protecting residents from dementia-related "sundowning" (the disruptive burst of energy residents can experience in the early evening hours).