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the cost of borrowing something

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Chinese stocks fell sharply amid worries that rising borrowing costs will hit company profits and that fresh moves to reduce risks in the asset management industry could bring a sea change for banks and millions of small investors.
The Turkish economy minister has called on the central bank to drastically control its borrowing costs.
Germany's borrowing costs, which serve as a reference, fell by 28 basis points in January the yield of its 10-year bond is around 0.
Falling borrowing costs are expected to reduce the UK debt interest bill by over GBO30bn by 2019, giving Chancellor George Osborne more range to fund pre-election give-aways or to relax the squeeze on the state, the Telegraph revealed on Sunday.
Dubai: Bank of Sharjah, or BoS, plans to refinance a $200 million two-year loan maturing next year, said the lender's executive director, as the bank hopes to benefit from lower borrowing costs.
4% in the ten years from independence to achieve the Maastricht Treaty agreed debt-to-GDP ratio of 60% under borrowing costs likely to be as much as 1.
As in 1994, the Fed's more hawkish posture has resulted in rising borrowing costs outside of the US.
Issuers from the UAE are tapping the market this year to benefit from a drop in borrowing costs.
A downgrade to junk-bond status could have prompted a flight by cautious investors, forcing up Spanish borrowing costs and accelerating any request for help.
However, traders took some heart from his vow to devise a plan to help ease the borrowing costs of beleaguered peripheral countries, as Spain's borrowing costs fell back below the 7% danger mark.
The downgrade of Italy to just two notches above junk status could raise already-painful borrowing costs for the country and risks undermining Prime Minister Mario Monti's efforts to turn market sentiment through tough fiscal and structural reforms.
ROME, Sha'ban 8, 1433, Jun 28, 2012, SPA -- Italy's borrowing costs in a pair of longer-dated bond auctions have spiked up to levels seen in December when concerns over the country's public finances were particularly acute, , according to AP.
0 percent, citing recent slides in long-term borrowing costs in the debt market.
INVESTORS deserted the London market yesterday as fears of a eurozone collapse were fuelled by a worrying rise in Spain's borrowing costs.
The chamber said businesses across the country were benefiting from borrowing costs that were much lower than a year ago.