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the cost of borrowing something

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India's moderate inflation has paved the way for those rate cuts, allowing RBI to pare borrowing costs to the lowest levels in nearly a decade.
And it surged more than three percent on the Turkish lira after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sacked the head of the country's central bank following months of tensions over high borrowing costs.
"Following a newspaper closure, municipal borrowing costs increase by 5 to 11 basis points, costing the municipality an additional $650,000 per issue.
Borrowing costs have already risen because of tightening monetary policy, it said.
The Italian central bank has warned about rising borrowing costs and a slowdown in GDP.
His repeated criticism of borrowing costs - after last monthA's hike he said his patience with interest rates "had limits" - have undermined confidence in the central bank and are at the root of the liraA's slide.
Financial pundit said in the UAE the rate hike would have direct impact on both businesses and residents by raising borrowing costs in auto finance, mortgage and personal loans.
And while higher interest rates would also increase borrowing costs, Gokongwei said that in the case of JG Summit, most of its loans are fixed-term borrowings.
Although Pakistan is not a major recipient of volatile capital inflows, local currency depreciation could raise inflation and prompt additional domestic rate hikes, which would pass through to borrowing costs and further weaken the government s fragile fiscal position.
The strong labor market has supported demand to purchase homes, but the inventory shortage, rising home prices, and higher borrowing costs are hurting the real-estate sector.
There has been growing clamor among bankers and economists in recent weeks for the central bank to increase its key interest rate-on which wholesale and retail borrowing costs and interest yields are based-in response to the inflation rate that surprised BSP over the last two months.
The study, which examines the impact of both pension finances and pension reforms on borrowing costs from 2009 to 2014, shows that a higher ratio of unfunded pension liability to government revenue is related to increased borrowing costs.
A cut would, in theory, lower borrowing costs for individuals and businesses.
Though corporate loans have so far proven resilient to the economic slowdown, they remain vulnerable to a combination of local currency depreciation and a likely increase in their borrowing costs.
What's causing more concerns in the case of Cyprus is that its borrowing costs are on the rise while in the rest of the euro area they are going down (with the exception of Greece and Portugal).