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Synonyms for borrow

take on loan


Synonyms for borrow

get temporarily

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take up and practice as one's own

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More than once, in the brief days of my struggle for an education, I went to Johnny Heinhold to borrow money.
There were two places at which I could borrow money; a barber shop and a saloon.
And besides," I says, "we might borrow something worth having out of the captain's stateroom.
One thing only could and ought to be done, and Vronsky determined upon it without an instant's hesitation: to borrow money from a money-lender, ten thousand roubles, a proceeding which presented no difficulty, to cut down his expenses generally, and to sell his race horses.
It expects to borrow $441 billion in net privately-held marketable debt, assuming an end-of-March cash balance of $210 billion.
There are seven borrow pits allotted to the contractor (CCC/CSEC Joint Venture) for the construction of Gaborone-Boatle road project.
The government has to borrow for us to have development projects done.
Bilateral borrowing constitutes the Funds important third line of defense after quotas and the New Arrangements to Borrow (NAB).
There is no panic exodus or lock down in borrowing but, as many of the decisions to borrow could well have been made before the Brexit vote, we really should look for longer term trends before we can draw any conclusions.
For persons and enterprises engaged in very small businesses who do not have access to working capital, it may still make sense to borrow through the informal sector after calculating how much they can make even after the servicing of what they borrow.
A CONTROVERSIAL Royal Decree that allows the government to borrow up to BD5 billion was approved yesterday by the Shura Council.
In the interim budget unveiled in February, the Congress-led government had announced it would borrow Rs5.
This is a private sector company (outside the PSBR) which can borrow on the financial markets if it can show the lenders it has a guaranteed revenue stream for the 30 year duration of the loan.
The figures show that people in Cork city borrow most library books in the country with 6.
In current economic scenario, when the country is facing shortfall in tax revenue and foreign inflows, besides higher expenditures, there is only one way for the federal government and that is to borrow from domestic resources to fulfill its financial needs.