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Borrelia lonestari infection was determined by screening with a SYBR Green I assay that amplified and detected a portion of the glpQ gene.
Detection of Borrelia lonestari, putative agent of southern tick-associated rash illness, in white-tailed deer from the southeastern United States.
burgdorferi and Borrelia lonestari, a species reported from the southeastern United States and associated with Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness or STARI.
ewingii, both agents of human ehrlichiosis, and Borrelia lonestari, a potential agent of southern tick-associated rash illness (5).
Both Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) and Borrelia lonestari (STARI) are Established in Middle Tennessee.
The most commonly encountered Borrelia genetic material demonstrated at least 99% sequence identity or was identical to that of previously sequenced Candidatus Borrelia lonestari isolates (AY850063, AF538852) (19).