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a trivalent metalloid element

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The researcher aimed to research the effects of the boron compounds on the hydration reactions of the different cement types and their effect on controllability.
This indicates that the boron compounds containing [B.sup.3+] ions were accumulated in the thick and porous [Ni.sup.O] layer.
The boron compounds were obtained in moderate yields (60-73%) by excess of [Et.sub.2]O x B[F.sub.3] with the ligand under reflux in THF (Scheme 1).
Izvlecheniye soyedineniy bora iz vody v protsesse baromembrannoy obrabotki [Extraction of boron compounds from water in the process of baromembrane processing].
These three products of boron compounds in the glass industry is the main place of consumption [8].
Modification of ZBG and CAP at SAHA with a boron compound and the p-aminobenzoic (PABA) as linker turns out to yield results as expected, as they show better HDAC inhibition than SAHA.
The leachability of these boron compounds and the termite and decay resistance of wood treated with these compounds were evaluated.
Boron compounds are usually used as modifier for PR to improve its carbon yield, flame retardancy, and oxidation resistance, but deteriorations of processability and toughness are always accompanied with these modified resins which are prepared by the present modification methods.
The partially soluble, suspended particles allow a manufacturer to deliver a higher concentration of boron compounds to the fiber than is possible with dissolved boron salts alone.
(3) Boron compounds are used in agriculture as micronutrients, herbicides, pesticides and algaecides.
is involved in the research, development and manufacture of boron compounds, with special emphasis on providing solid materials for hydrogen generation for fuel cells.
Roskill says that smaller end-uses of boron compounds with potential for future growth include flame retardants, in which borates are used in place of, or in addition to, antimony trioxide, and in neodymium-iron-boron magnets, which are used in applications where high ratios of magnetic strength to weight are required.
The interaction between boron compounds and potassium and chlorine also needs further study to establish more generally the expected changes in the smelt and superheater deposit melting properties.