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Russian composer (1833-1887)

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In 1860 Borodin was still studying to be a chemist when he started writing his String sextet, comprising two movements: a lively Allegro in which, as is often remarked, Borodin seems to be taking Mendelssohn on at his own game, and a pleasant Andante.
To create the software, Borodin and his team at Charmtech devised ways of extracting content from documents and websites and running it through text-to-speech engines.
Yury Fortunatov and Yevgeny Levashov's 1974 version, which was performed on several stages, replaces Glazunov's music for act 3 with contrafacta of music that Borodin had composed for the collaborative opera-ballet Mlada in 1872 (an edition of Mlada, by myself, is forthcoming from A-R Editions).
Hijo ilegitimo del principe georgiano Luka Stepanovitch Gedevanishvili, Borodin fue musico autodidacto; tocaba flauta, piano y cello.
The Dutch foreign minister duly apologized to Russia for the conduct of his country's police, and Borodin was recalled to Moscow.
Mr Borodin, whose title is minister-counselor, gave his version of events on his Twitter account.
A would-be hitman said he was offered $1 mln to kill former Bank of Moscow president Andrey Borodin, 45, who fled to the UK two years ago with his wife Tatiana.
Andrei Borodin, 45, said Britain had given him refuge after he presented evidence that embezzlement charges against him brought by prime minister and former president Dmitry Medvedev were politically motivated.
ByE[currency]KEK (CyHAN)- Electricity supplies will be restricted in Kyrgyzstan following an accident at Toktogul HPP on Thursday, Deputy General Director of the Kyrgyz National Electric Grid Alexei Borodin told 24.
Earlier, a Russian hacker, Alexey Borodin, reportedly discovered a method to steal content from iOS apps by making in-app purchases without actually paying any money.
75% as part of the lender's ongoing bailout, has no plans to buy the interest in the troubled bank owned by its ex-president Andrei Borodin, the group's CEO, Andrei Kostin, said on Saturday.
Inspired by the music of Rimsky-Korsakov and Borodin, artistic director Dianna Cuatto conjures the tale of an everyman hero and Samira, the spirited princess who steals his heart--and whose kingdom he must rescue from the evil wizard Jamal and his demon snakes.
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin accused former Bank of Moscow executives, headed by Andrei Borodin, of mismanagement and called for investigations both in Russia and abroad.
Earlier this month Bank of Moscow's board named Kuzovlev as acting president after a Russian court effectively removed former president and major shareholder Andrei Borodin.
91% in Bank of Moscow (MCX:MMBM) from the bank's chief executive Andrei Borodin and his partner Lev Alaluyev, raising his stake in the lender to 26%, daily Vedomosti said Monday.