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an acute infectious disease occurring in epidemic form and featuring paroxysms of pain (usually in the chest)

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As the Danish Energy Agency (SEA) pointed out, there were two options for the construction of the pipeline, which passes along the continental shelf southeast of Bornholm.
Our guide, Hans, tells us the top Danish chefs, including Rene Redzepi of Noma, use Bornholm produce, earning it a name among Danes as 'foodie island'.
Produce roadside "We wanted them to have Danish names to show that although they have come from Japan, they are in Bornholm now," he tells us.
Visitors also get the chance to sample some of the island's specialities at the food market, with dozens of stalls offering Gudhjem For me, a highlight is a Cosmopolitan with a twist, made using orange gin from Copenhagen Distillery, drizzled over cranberry ice cream - made fresh by local producer Bornholms Ismejeri.
| For more information on the island, visit "Life here has a wonderfully relaxed pace and appears to be the epitome of what the Danes call 'hygge'"
| For more information on the island, visit Bornholm's granite cliffs are great for rock climbers
and CNA Holdings, LLC - according to Jon Bornholm, the EPA remedial project manager who has worked on the Superfund site since 1984.
Every summer, chef Nicolai Norregaard returns to his roots on the rocky Danish island of Bornholm to forage for ingredients that will flavor his food throughout the seasons.
After her mother dies, 10-year-old Inge goes to live with Grandmother on her farm on the Danish island of Bornholm. Her new life is nothing like the one she led with her mother in Copenhagen, where they had an apartment and servants.
Sections are: the Cross coinage; Cross coins struck by Harold Bluetooth: evolution of the silver alloys and assessment of the origin of silver; traces of use; catalogue of hoards, c.958-c.987, Denmark, present borders except Bornholm; catalogue of single finds of Cross coins, Denmark, medieval borders.